Month: May 2017

Welcome to Amethyst Saw’s galaxy

Welcome to my quirky creative fiction blog!

I started the blog to curate and publish my African chicklit and speculative fiction flash stories. If you love literature or a fun read but would prefer shorter stories. Then read my sweet, reflective, quirky flash stories. You will find fables, chicklit, sci-fiction, romance and erotica genres of prose fiction on my blog.

I will share my thoughts on books, African literary magazines and anthologies I read on the What I Am Reading page.  Silk Sheets is my page for romance and erotica flash stories. I will be introducing a series of themed flash stories in Series. My Write Pad will host my chicklit, intriguing fables and sci-fiction works. You can take a peek on that page.

Amethyst Saw, my pen name means to heal with reading. I have been weaving stories in my imagination since age seven. Through these stories I create new worlds, manoeuvres alternate realities, express my views on life, escape Lagos noise to live through my characters and make unforgettable memories. I am an aspiring Nigerian writer and biblophile.

Thank you for reading. Follow me on Instagram to see what I am up too.

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