Month: June 2017


“Happiness comes from the journey of self improvement. Not from any sort of arrival. Because there really is no arrival in life. And self acceptance is just as important as self improvement.”

-Adam LeDolce



met the man of my dreams a few weeks to my 21st year.
He was a middle belt Nigerian.
He was very tall, slim and dark in complexion like a mouth watering brownie.
He ran a thriving fashion business.
He drove a luxury car in my favourite color.
He was a caring friend to his guys, loving son and brother.
He was a skilled lover.

He loved my lingerie collection.
He was comfortable with who I was.
He understood my views about life as a youth with goals.
He was young. A young winner like me.

He liked FKA Twigs’ music on the spot.
He looked stunningly beautiful when he smoked marijuana and cigarettes. I can’t forget the smoke in a glass cup trick.
He indulged my insatiable sweet tooth.

He respected me and our friendship.
His penis spoke back to me during oral conversations.
He loved that I was quirky, open, honest and opinionated
He came under a rainstorm to give me a birthday cake.
He made videos of me to watch when I wasn’t there.

His friends never slut shamed me
He was always honest about his abilities and their limitations.
He asked before he kissed me.
He called me Shakara Mami
He was mature and could flow with my level of self love, body confidence and achievements.
He was a self compassionate optimist without esteem issues.
He encouraged and advised me.

He was a feminist.
He loved his queer friends and isn’t homophobic
He made me love Migos
He liked my Valentino Uomo scent.
He is a relic from my time and space.
He is a good man.
He is my namesake.

He isn’t many things my dream man would have been. Like his state of origin(my younger self preferred a European) or his complexion or size(he is the tallest slim
man I had sex with).
But at the core, he was the dream man of me as a woman not my girlhood.
He is everything above.
The amazing thing is I didn’t fall in love him. I loved him, our time together, how he understood me and life, his business and future. I respected him.
It took me two months when I couldn’t understand why he was my favourite to realise this.
He was the man of my dreams.

Life happens and I rarely miss it because I collect memories. But when I took a step back I saw it all. I’m grateful for those indepth conversations over my erect nipples and your orange burning sticks at 1 am. We made April lit.

I had once been asked if I could date myself. I had said yes then. I met myself in you. I loved it. I still love it.
Life happened to give me the man of my dreams as a birthday gift.
Dear West African boy, I miss you.

Image source: Michal Grosicki


Happy one month birthday to!

Can you see all the hot pink confetti, gold glitter dust, pink and black balloons? I’m certain you can see the breathtaking fireworks. Do not fret I sent your piece of chocolate cake to you already.

I created the blog because I wanted to share and curate my stories and discovery of contemporary African literature. After a host of rejections from magazines and publications because “my work didn’t fit”. I decided to start Amethyst Saw, my quirky creative fiction narrative. A space in the multiverse for my writing to fit in.  I must say the blog is off to a great start.

Thank you for reading my stories and peeking into my growing library. Go on the reading adventure of a lifetime with Amethyst’s flash stories and my collection of contemporary African literature. As so much more is yet to come.

With bubbly love from Amethyst.

Image source: Alejandro Scaff