Month: September 2017

The Murder of Idowu

“The confusing orders hung in the air like axes Iyana Iba bike thieves hold over their victims.”


Our maiming and Idowu’s murder happened during his third visit. We loved him and had wondered why he had come around. This time he didn’t come with the tall pot -bellied man. Neither did they come with the man who had the tweeny weeny afro. The one with the permanent laughing expression for a smile. He came in his dark, stout self wearing a suit. It was a good look. They came with him. One of them wore a dirty dark green overall. His aura wore silent patience as our dark admirer ordered him around. The other men were unknown masks.


‘Cut everything down! I don’t mean the three thick tree trunks. All those branches I pointed out, chop them off. Particularly this tree. Ahn! It has grown out of hand. That’s why the fumigation didn’t work. You should stack up every branch that comes off ‘. He turned and left us. The confusing orders hung in the air like axes Iyana Iba bike thieves hold over their victims.
Dark Green Overall removed a strap on his shoulder and brought out a chainsaw.


That’s when the end came.
A few shadow strokes to noon Idowu was dead. It had been a massacre. Kehinde’s long bended branches were sawed off at joints. Leaving his arms in stumps. Splinters of our beings littered the fallen leaves floor. A billion particles of our essence, saw dust stood suspended in the air between the faculty buildings. You could taste wood, dang vegetation and death. The servant of death, Dark Green Overall worked in silence following our admirer’s instructions.
By the Tree Spirits was Idowu stripped. His fat sturdy branches which curl upward were peeled off. I remember those branches which were like themselves trees. They held smaller branches and the largest leaves you’ve ever seen.
Taiwo, Kehinde and Idowu, the tree beside Faculty of Law building. We were true brothers so entwined many thought us one large tree. Yet I couldn’t protect my brothers. I wasn’t spared. My branches which dip their finger tips into the Sport Centre compound where cut down. I couldn’t protect my brothers nor my eyes.
I was maimed. Kehinde lost his heart. For each branch holds a part of a tree’s spirit.


I felt Kehinde’ spirit seep away. The branches which held my eyes are gone. Idowu had died after his brutal murder. As an old tree I have seen and felt many things. None is like the technologically advanced chain saw. Fast but gritty fiction upon contact. Smooth yet barbaric with its precision. Unlike axes and machetes chain saw brings pain after the numbness. And horror after its chopping.
Idowu’s bare short branches like a coat tree. A mutilated corpse he has become. Only our branches stretching towards the sky were spared. We look like a bad hair cut.


We were the majestic three. The Brothers as One! All the other trees around the Lagos State University Ojo Campus called us that. Ours was a thriving community!
The word spread like wide fire. The Brothers as One have met the same faith as the Aisle of Trees. The Aisle of Trees is an age grade of friends who have offered cover to the university’s major road sidewalks. The whispers had said they have grown too big. So big they felt the electricity cables which ran across their entities were intruders. It began when Elder Three tugged on the cable during a rainstorm. The whispers say that tug pulled the campus into darkness for days. All Aisle of Trees were cut. Not cut down but their branches on the cables, went off. Ugly they became!
That’s what Ma Acorn,whose abode is opposite the Law Pavilion, had said as a warning. Man cares more for his advancements than us. She had advised us, the Brothers as One to shed some branches. I should have pressed for that amongst my brothers. Instead of caving in to Kehinde’s insubordination sold as good reasoning.
Now they are dead and my core beats softly. Like Forensic Scientists at a crime screen SuperKleeners faded brown tshirt wearing women came to rake up our limbs and leaves.


The irony of our attack is that we had listened year in year out to our admirer. Listening to him quote criminal code provisions on murder, it’s punishment and reality in Nigerian criminal law practice.
This is the environmental friendly campus the Professor at Law had promised.


This is a flash story from my soon to be published flash story collection, Main Campus.


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