My Reading Goals 2018

Reading is an hobby of mine I refer to as my first love. I’d like to explore new narratives in 2018. To aid this I have a short list of S.M.A.R.T reading goals. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound.

#GOAL 1- Maintain my reading habit during the 12 months of the year.

Action Steps:

  • Schedule reading time in my daily to-do lists.
  • Actually read and enjoy it.
  • Pick reading materials from my usual sources (purchased paperbacks, reviews, magazine published stories, my own work, blogs and Okadabooks).
  • Reflect and note down lessons learnt and ideas gotten from read work.
  • Note and share my thoughts on works read.
  • Recommend works I enjoyed.
  • Take breaks from reading (eg. In between books or during semester C.A or Exams.).
  • Keep books away from damage. Store finished books properly.


#GOAL 2- To read more poetry in the next 12 months.

Action Steps:

  • Read poems found online, in literary magazines and blogs.
  • Read 3 poetry collections with a average of 70 poems.
  • Read 2 poetry anthologies. I enjoyed reading anthologies in the past.
  •  Read poems of various forms written by Nigerian and other (non)African poets.


#GOAL 3- To read at least 7 novels from other Africans on the continent and in Diaspora.

Action Steps: 

  • Make a list of books by other African authors (nominated for lierary awards the past 2 years, from 2017 purchase list and reviews I enjoyed)
  • Purchase or read online (e)book curated on the list
  • Draft my thoughts on read works and share in WHAT I AM READING.

I’m excited about the journey the works I’ll read this year will take me. I’ll do an Achievement Assessment at the end of every quarter of the year. Because of my smart reading goals I won’t be doing any book challenges.




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