To me literature, food, art and music all form integral parts of culture. Mainly because they all involve the creative process of birthing, documenting and sharing life. This Friday mid morning I settled down to read NATIVE magazine. It’s first issue, BIRTH documents the rebirth of Afrobeats. A delightful, vibrant, talent curated music magazine.



This segment of the magazine showed interviews with creatives from different fields about how they circumvent creative blocks. Their answers have taught me more ways to deal with creative blocks and lows. In between the interviews are crisp, tasteful photos of these creatives.

The Golden Question

“What do you do to get yourself out of the inevitable lows of the creative process(writer’s block,etc)?”

FALANA’s answer reminded me to enjoy the creative process. She’s at a point where she celebrates the lows. Also to do new things to get my mind off the specific project. This is something I already do.

I just walk away without judgement, trusting that I am closer to where I want to be.

LADY DONLI’s answer begins with ‘I look for new experiences.’

There is always something to write about, you just need to find it.

I can attest to the magical truth of this. Going exploring, travelling or going on road trips, as she stated do help. Whenever I remember my December week long vacation spent touring Cross River State, Nigeria. I feel uplifted from creative lows.

SANTI’s response to this question felt directed at me. Because often times facing reality (the things that might stress you, or certain problems you might be facing as he explained) or being too comfortable can cause creative lows.

The key to getting out of blocks for me is just understanding where you are at and allowing your mind make the best out of it.

Find new things outside to bring into the comfort zone, he states.

Other responses I loved..

There reaches a point when I just know it’s time to let go. Time is too precious to keep hanging back and hanging on; let go and watch with pride and wonder.

– Polly Alakija, artist.

You can be reborn in many ways. You can be reborn religiously, you can be reborn in art. It is in itself doing something better than you did the first time.

-Adey, music producer.

I almost forgot to mention the cover story was BURNA REBORN. Three four words.. I Love Burna Boy.


Burna Boy says while welcoming his interviewer, Ayoade Bamgboye into his home.

I enjoyed reading about one of my favourite new age Afrobeat/AfroFusion artistes. I could wax on and on about how I was moved with his unwavering knowledge of who is his, his music and his purpose. How at ease with himself, life and others which Ayoade Bamboye observed. It reminded me of his personality and attitude when I met him at the Port-Harcourt airport years ago. He was so warm, friendly and positive with my baby brother. It isn’t everyday you read about certain similarities between yourself and such a music superstar.

This was an excellent first issue. Lovely quality, amazing photographs, sensational words, phenomenal insight into our current culture.


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