Month: February 2018

Book Shopping and Some Excitement!

It all started as window shopping. I walked into Glendora Bookshop at Ikeja City Mall with eagerness and ease. Like I have done for the past four years. There were a few popular Nigerian authored books on the tables. I picked up Who Fears Death, Motion Tourist, Taroud’s Song, Boafak Illusion and cradled them to my ample breasts.

I struck off a conversation with the new Books Custodian as I call the Shopkeeper.  In the midst of political memoirs was a Linda Lael Miller novel. I bubbled with excitement as I picked it up. While waiting for my date to arrive, Lara, the Books Custodian and I conversed. We talked about when we both fell in love with reading, the benefits of reading, her job experience, the Nigerian reading culture. Absolutely fascinating conversation, with these words I absolutely agreed with.

“Reading gives you a totally different perspective on things.”- Lara Kareem

The most exciting part of our conversation was when she stated she has a lifestyle site and took down my blog address. I hadn’t met a bookstagrammer or literature blogger randomly. It was exciting. I’m currently falling in love with her site.

To me, the best way a date can show admiration is to buy me a book or few. From window shopping I left Glendora with Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor and the Linda Lael Miller‘s Forever A Hero. I was happy my date purchased them for me.  After the eye feast I had mouth watering, creamy. cold chocolate and pineapple gelato. Trying the new brown and pale yellow sumptuous flavours was divine!

A World Record of reading out loud for the longest hours trying to be made at Herbert Macaulay You Read Library at Yaba this week. Fascinating! I’ll share more about it in The Quirky Creative Fiction Newsletter dropping in your inbox tomorrow. Saturday was a lot of fun.  Fun I needed to mitigate the stress from school and preparing for the new month.


Seem Easy

“How do you respond when people commend you for consistently producing impactful content.  Or when they say you make all that work seem easy?, the attractive ebony interviewer asked.

My focus left the big red LIVE button behind the interviewer to her circular face. 

“It amazes me”, I begin with honesty splashed across my caramel oval face.  “I get those commendations and think, oh!  I was just creating  a space for myself.  I had searched and searched but couldn’t  find one I could be admitted into and expand in.  So I created a space,  made magic and breathed life into it.  When readers say ‘you make it seem easy’, I say ‘it is!’.  It is easy because it’s a space for me.  A magical and zestful one”.  I conclude dropping my gesticulating gem studded stubby fingers.



Sex Fast.  Abstinence Spells

Sometimes you just have to give your active sex life a break. That’s what I do with my sex fasts and abstinence spells.

I had successful sex fasts and abstinence spells in the past. Survival of these periods is key for mental sanity. Horniness can paint temptation sensationally appealing.

Oftentimes I have abstinence spells when I’m ill and recovering or bored of sexual partners.  Spells..short period. Sex fasts on the other hand are longer periods of abstinence.  No oral or penetrative sex,  Nada.  When I need or feel like taking a break from sex: I mark the timeline, inform my partners and ENJOY!

To survive my spells and fasts I remember the reason I’m abstaining. Eat organic chocolates, a lot, the magnesium seems to help. Reminisce on past pleasurable experiences. Then I channel all that energy towards personal projects  and development.

I’m currently on an abstinence spell. Is it difficult at times? Yes.  Am I enjoying the free time? Yep! That’s the reason I have no female condom review to share in my sex diary.  Try a sex fast or abstinence spell yourself this 2018. Even health practitioners advice abstinence.



this 2k18 Valentine..

I was supposed to post my review of the female condom but I can’t, simply because I haven’t used the pair I purchased. This 2k18 Valentine I’m a polyamorous partner of some thoughtful, ambitious, virile, chocolately men. Holidays are always exciting as a polyamorous female in Lagos.  For a long time I have been unconcerned about Valentine. Do I like the holiday? Yes, but not all the false love it veils. Will I celebrate it with loved ones who love the holiday? I usually do. The commercial month of love is a month to celebrate family birthdays.

This 2k18 Valentine day has other important events occurring like Ash Wednesday and two Champions League matches.  A male friend’s admission that he isn’t having Valentine dinner because of the matches made me laugh.  During this commercial month of love I choose to stay safe and protected from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. You should stay safe also. Amidst the Valentine sales, promos, late night radio love programmes, sharing gift ideas, etc is I enjoying it all.

I usually buy myself a “Val gift”. For this year I got a set of thongs. I love lingerie. Choosing them, wearing them, seducing others in them, and posing for sultry pictures in them. I love LOVE lingerie!  I remember burying my little nose into the ash, grey and white thong set. The crisp scent of clean cotton caressed my face. I can’t wait for someone else’s nose to rub the cotton against my erect clit.

this 2k18 Valentine checklist

  • Schedule dates or indoor dinners with partners during Valentine week. Avoid clashes with Champions League matches, their work schedules, my schedule, family birthday and partners’ interests.
  • Get my Val gift, thoughtful gifts for partners and loved ones.
  • Call loved ones and colleagues to express my love and gratitude.
  • Discuss if we’ll have sex or not, type of sex to be had and set boundaries. Will it be oral, anal or penetrative sex or a mixture? Last year I just ate chocolates and cuddled.
  • Update our sultry sex playlist. It’s so much fun curating songs that we want to listen to together. Sound and smell are my two preferred senses.
  • Start my dick appointment prep: eat pineapple, do more kegel, include core strengthening exercises to my daily work-out, wash my hair, exfoliate my skin, etc.
  • Stay mentally healthy to avoid being impulsive with sexual decisions. This includes being self compassionate, staying positive, being grateful and content, resting well, eating healthy and exercising. Exercising helps me get happy and maintain my voluptuous curves. These prevent me from slipping into a bout of depression during or after the Valentine week.


I won’t let toxic monogamous standards rob me of the exciting beauty of polyamory this Val. Happy Valentine to you! Don’t forget to stay sex positive.