I miss your laugh. I miss listening to our playlist, Strawberry Sunshine. I miss how you clean up my kitchen to my level of ordered perfection . My tongue misses your balls..Lord they are unique! I miss pulling your beard. I miss rolling my eyes at you when you buy chocolate because you are sure my snobbish addicted ass might like it. I miss looking at you admirably gaze at me when I talk about issues I’m passionate about. I miss taking a spoon of your party Jollof..okay three spoons, before I begin eating my Amala and Ogunfe. I miss our lunch dates..gosh I don’t eat there anymore because you were a major ingredient to its flavour. I miss strutting around in white cotton thongs and bodysuits while you call me your Goddess.
I miss closing my eyes when you whisper my name. Only my parents call my name so exquisitely. I miss enjoying the many ways you show interests in my wants with credit alerts. I miss, I miss, oh I miss how my nipples bud browner when you say passionate and romantic words to me in Hausa. I miss praying for your soul while you give me reallllyyyy great, toe-curling, back arching head. Lotus misses dripping on your bearded chin. I miss how patient you are with my sporadic silliness. I miss us being goofy in the shower. How do you never see that splash of ice cold water everytime?! I miss I miss you. but I’m not so pathetic that I’ll look for you in another man. I miss how you cheer me on, telling hard truths and being so supportive. You are empathic, compassionate, loyal, fair, ambitious, emotionally intelligent, too much for an African man. I’m patiently waiting to show you how much I’ve missed you when you’re back. So I can watch your eyes brighten like a million phone flashes of a concert crowd when I tell you I love you.

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