Hey Gemstone!

On 18th September 2018, a new Tuesday Feature Series, ZAZA,  is being published on Amethyst Saw. ZAZA is a heartfelt queer memoir of self love, sensuality, erotic sex and romance.

The series cover is shot by AmethystShotx for Amethyst Saw. It represents the vibrant and artistic personality of ZAZA. The dice is a metaphor for her bisexuality dealt by nature. The rainbow floral capture the memoir’s blossoming African queer narrative. Do minute details like the black lace choker promise delectable erotica? You’ll have to read ZAZA to find out.

This memoir is written by Amethyst Saw. It shares the story of a young bisexual Nigerian woman. More than a peep into this urban interior decorator’s private life. Her memoir narrates her queer experience and existence in Nigeria. Sensuality, steamy erotica and hopeful love are artistically written through first and second persons point of view. ZAZA can be classified in the African literature, Queer Erotica, Young Adult Romance genres.


Yellow is my Rainbow Colour by AmethystShotX

This curated journey of love and discovery adds to the growing queer narrative from the African continent. With a greater need to narrate, document, share and explore African queer realities. This series pieces together honest and sensual entries.

Amethyst Saw is the pen name of a Nigerian writer, book blogger and photographer. She curates her erotica and speculative stories, bookie life, adventures and musings, and book reviews on this blog.