I love October for two reasons. In Nigeria, October always begins with green Independence celebrations. Happy 58th birthday Naija from your Nigerian Gemstone! Everyone initially stays indoors with their family or visit friends to eat delicacies like Jollof rice, Efo riro and Eba, Pounded yam and Egusi, Ofe Nwugo and fufu, Turkey stew and white rice, Ofada rice. Later on, Afrobeats, laughter and promises of a good time calls everyone out to art, music and literary outdoor spaces. Basically, we get a staycation to reflect on ourselves and our nation. This month my baby girl, the one I might consider getting reincarnated so I take care of again, my Mum celebrates her birthday. I don’t know what book to add to her gift parcel.

Welcome to October gemstone!

Make sure you achieve your goals for October Gem. Even if its simply finishing books on your DNF reading list.

I’m thrilled for every good thing October has to offer us. I mean new flash stories, books, writers, events, pictures and adventures! For this month, I’d be reading my To-Be-Read books, sharing more Zaza entries, Monday Motivation posts on my bookstagram, publishing flash stories and much more.

I’ve opened my books bucket in September. Ending my three months long buying ban. A book bucket is a savings account for buying books. Usually I’d  make a list of books with price quotes from online bookstores (includes delivery fees). Then I put aside varying amounts into the book bucket. Once I meet the goal, I place my orders for the books. Then gleefully dance, call the courier and wait as the pathways to multiverse come to me. This October, I’ll be ordering books from new online book stores. You read about Rovingheights and Alaroro Books that deliver across Nigeria. I want to share reviews of more booksellers with you. An important ability of Book Blogs is in introducing readers to persons, events, works in the book and publishing industry. Before Law School resumes, I’d like to try out some book bars suggested by Book Banque’s Where to Read in Lagos; Part I. After reading Dimple Met Rishi, I asked Nothing To Do In Lagos to scout and recommend a book bar for me(they haven’t got back to me). But I randomly came across Book Banque’s post last month. I’d love to read at some outdoor spaces I’ve discovered in Ojo.

The LIPFEST2018 holds Oct 31st to Nov 4th and I’m so excited. I attended the dynamic first festival in 2015. The Lagos International Poetry Festival 2018 is themed Wide Awake. This theme examines the growing importance of vigilance in a post-truth era. I applied as a volunteer for catering and social services. Fingers crossed, I hope my application is accepted. Either way I’d attend the Festival. It would be delightful volunteering for LIPFEST that rekindled my wonder for poetry in 2015. Its venue is at Freedom Park, Old Prison Ground Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. I hope to see you there Gem. Let have important conversations on equality, identity, justice; be blown away by fire readings and performances; drink in palm wine music, enjoy delicious food and much more.

In September, a new steamy queer erotica narrative was published on Amethyst Saw. Thank you for reading Zaza but her story continues. I shared some book reviews and recommendations here and here. Did you catch Explore Obudu Cattle Ranch, Her Unusual Snap? Catch up on September Sizzle.

Don’t forget to lushly care for yourself Gem!


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