Love Reminders

When he randomly calls you while you’re working to say he loves you. You’re distracted so what would have been a heartwarming gesture is a mild irritant.  That is until you recall his words, depth of his breathing, silky tone and account credit notification you missed.  It almost mind numbs you…how sweet he is.

Yet you can’t squeal in happiness because—one, work stress wrapped itself around your throat. Two, she who is lying naked beside you will ask. Three, you remember that he’s still not sleeping with you. Four, you are too pleased so you smile inspite of your perched throat. Easing your sticker covered laptop on the baby pink duvet; you get up from the bed. You walk to the water dispenser while transferring sums of money to various savings, utility bills and family members accounts.

•Love Reminders is a ZAZA entry. ZAZA is a heartfelt queer memoir of self love, sensuality, erotic sex and romance. 

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