Let me show you some goodies I got from the just concluded Lagos International Poetry Festival 2018.


I remember advising one have a purchase list when attending literary festivals. In Memory of Forgetting by Wana Udobang, was one work on my purchase list. It was a delight watching Wana Wana read some poems from this poetry album. During In Memory of Forgetting: An Evening with Wana Udobang and Lebo Mashile at A Whitespace on 31st October 2018. This was an enjoyable event during the Lagos International Poetry Festival 2018. I’ve given this 10 poems long album a listen. It is moving, rhythmic and brilliant. “When life puts you on a leash. You chew yourself free.” The poetic lyrics, melodic beats, tone of the poet, endearing personas! Everything leaves me in awe. This poetry album is highly recommended.

I also bought Painted Blue With Saltwater by Logan February. I began reading it seated at the feet of the three wise men at Freedom Park. I read the first three poems and knew I liked the reflective, transforming, queer persona. Know yourself and do not be ashamed of what others think. Fly above shackling realities. These would be the lessons I’m learning from this chapbook. It’s a poetry chapbook worth reading.

I bought the second poetry album, CHAP MAN by 2’wyth because I liked the poet’s hairstyle. I like the message, metaphor and imagery of the poems. But the poet’s flow with instrumentals and vocalists needs improvement.


One of my duties as a volunteer on the Catering and Guests Welfare Team was airport pick-ups. Although, it was tiring I had fun. It was exciting conversing with the creatives I picked up.  I got gifted an autographed engaging play, Guerrilla Post by Dr Obari Gomba. Very sweet gesture by this impressive writer. Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare was another gift from LIPFest18. Prof would repeatedly call me Ada Ada. Yes, like the popular Flavour song! I was pleased he said he enjoyed my company and found me bold and beautiful. I held my breath as I watched Jabir Malick eat jollof Nigerian rice for the first time. He voted it very good. A huge complement from a Senegalese as jollof originated from there. I enjoyed our conversations, his curious camera and his performances. He has a seductive French- Hausa accent y’all. Having his poetry album, S Comme Slam produced by Vendredi Slam. Nick Makoha shared the postcard with a poem, King of Mythduring his invigorating workshop on 1st November 2018. Its sad I couldn’t purchase his poetry collection, Kingdom of Gravity.

Getting these goodies makes me smile. If you could see my apartment you’d laugh. I have them stacked next to my candy tin and stuffed pets, Mini and Ewa Chi. Just under the gaze of my window plant jars.  One of my reading goals for 2k18 was to read more poetry. Although, I’ve achieved my goal. It feels good to surpass it. To be able to find treasured poets, fall in love with poetry and have new pieces for law school and next year. I’m grateful. 



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