Instagram has been agog with the #10yearschallenge. Yesterday on my I.G stories I shared excerpts from my stories(Goddess of Snacks and Scam Nabber) written in 2014. I dug into my Gmail to find these. I’m sharing Scam Nabber below in full so you can read what my writing was like 5 years ago.
Scam Nabber is a Future Agents Series’ short story which follows Agent Desire on her day back at the A.C.C.A and the events that led to her leave.

Feel free to compare it to my recent stories then comment!


I heard the sound and the first thought it brought was, justice has arrived. My right thumb reduced the volume of the black OX100 Parrot music player.
“Desire!”. The sound of my name made me turn while removing my earphones. The click of Sheila’s black pumps increased in tempo as she descended the stairs. I had a smile on my oblong face as the agency’s lawyer stopped in front of me.
If Justitia is a blindfolded curvaceous woman in a loose robe. Law itself is a sexy mid 2050 woman in a tight black leather skirt and a crisp white shirt. Sheila’s hair is in a tight bun. Her honey toned skin had goosebumps. The offices in this agency building are always cold. All thanks to SuperXL air conditioners. The computers need the atmosphere.
We shook hands. She held a black attache case in her left palm.
“You have another one for me. I heard. Congratulations” she said with an impressed smile.
“Yes,I do. He is in the conference room with his lawyer. Thank you. By the way, Sheila, he’s good. Very good”.
“I heard. I have been briefed. Good job though” she concluded and walked away.
So you are probably wondering what that conversation was about. I am Desire and I’m a Federation Hacking and CyberSpace Crime Investigator. In layman’s slangs I’m a scam nabber. My name on my Federation Citizen Form isn’t Desire. That’s just my alias but everyone calls me that. I don’t think they even remember my real name.
This all started 9 months ago. No, two years ago. When the CharlesFund account holder was defrauded. The account was ripped off by what in early 21st century would be called a yahoo-yahoo scam. The amount lost set back humanitarian efforts around the planet. Naturally the agency(A.C.C.A) was called on to investigate. A.C.C.A stands for Anti-CyberSpace Crime Agency. I don’t know why you won’t know this agency. Especially if you use the internet a lot. The agency is one of the bodies equipped to make cyber laws. Let me not bore you with their importance. You were taught about the government agency during Social Studies class.
Back to ‘it started 9 months ago’. It was not the first time I was going to university again. Just to catch hackers or scammers. This is the first time I’m studying Software Engineering in the Nigerian state.
There are two crimes the Federation frowns upon; terrorism and cyberspace crime.
My paternal grandfather said the proposition of creating The Federation of Earth was censured. The proposition was made during the 2020 UN conference or whatever.
The idea of the world’s countries joining to form a central government was not lauded. A.C.C.A was created to protect cyber users alongside other international agencies. I was once arrested at age 9 by A.C.C.A. I had hacked into FlyFerda and booked a plane seat(First Class. Little wonder I was caught.) It was for my father who said he couldn’t come home for christmas. How I got caught isn’t for discussion. Its embarrassing but I was nine years old! I still asking myself, ‘why didn’t I think of the email address decoder?’
More than a decade later I’m a civil servant of the Federation. I have 3 degrees not related to my field of practice. Last year ACNE said I’m the only female genius below the age of 25 located in the Western Region of the Federation.
There is one reason I wrote the universities’ entrance examinations in the Nigerian state. The reason was Ivory. Yes, Ivory big time yahoo-yahoo boy. After he defrauded the CharlesFund account. I was ‘sent-in’ to investigate. It took two months for us to trace him. Shout-out to Big Guns, my guys at Tech. They can trace the urine of a fly! We also discovered he was behind a lot of cyber fraud. By a lot I don’t mean ending at 30. After the agency built its case in preparation for Ivory’s arrest. The mission started.
As an investigator I get to go undercover. Yeah! Ivory’s case was my first SAA (Sleeping-Agent-Activated) mission. Malcolm University had me as a student for over two years. Before the day I ran into Ivory. I studied him along side Javascript.
He drinks coffee, the autoshop his Lexus WA uses is outside our Delta campus. He has over ten girlfriends with other female attaches. All his jewellery are real gold. His seamstress, Lily is a History and International Relations student. He sleeps with the Vice President of the Student Union. She is supposed to be his ex-girlfriend. During breaks he lives with his South African father in Port-Harcourt. His close friends, Chike and Tola are muslims. Its not a rumour, he owns a 32 foot yatch which is in Lagos District. Also a duplex in Palmyard Estate at Delta District. We had sex for the first time there. I like him. What woman won’t? He is handsome, tall (thankfull not too tall). He’s got a brilliant smile with good teeth. A very good kisser, an intelligent young man, etc. Just as I told Barrister Sheila. He’s good at what he does.
I knew my approach well. To him I was going to be another notch in his belt. For me he was a lot of firsts. I know what your thinking, nah! I lost my virginity to Gabe(a Russian hacker). He was recruited young just like me. We did an advanced training programme some years ago in Tokyo District. I ended the relationship before accepting the mission. No regrets, I’m proud to say I am a Future Agent.
It got difficult seeing Ivory as those who give Africans a bad name. I told him I love him. He told me he did. How do you believe a man that slept with his father’s P.A and Chike’s younger sis in the same hour? Don’t ask how I know. I like to think he changed because of me. Even if it was a little.
When the mission was activated I was excited. Maybe it was the glam of his lifestyle. I had memorised his routine. Mary was his No. 1 gf as Tola called her.
I know him more than her. She is a student of that old, depressing private university, Cuttenburg. She is a video vixen without a criminal record. Ivory trusts her. Trust your girl to steal the show. I’m not called Desire for nothing! I was ‘top gf’ in less than 2 months. Who won’t trust a girl with doe eyes, dimples and a shy smile?
FYI: I have tried getting rid of the third one. It refuses to go!
I “accidentally” poured my glass of ACE on his Versace loafers at Club 600. My caramel coloured self was wrapped in a white DVF dress. Thankfully, Ivory is not short-tempered. I’m a good flirt so connect the dots. The first evidence was found during the fourth month. After I asked probing questions, searched laptops, phones, apartments, etc.
If you think Girls’ Code is tough or gibberish. Listen to Ivory and his friends’ conversations. It is the software code program used by A.C.C.A. Gabe, Alpha and I taught them to encrypt their databases. Geeky jargons, ignore! Acer is investigating a software developer with a link to Alpha. Acer is a friend and colleague not the laptop brand.
When the Federation permitted A.C.C.A to use the bean. We caught Ivory with a lot of evidence. The Bean is a tracking device that looks like beans. Red kidney beans to be precise. It can survive in acidic environments. Also from exposure to excessive heat. It is also functional in a corpse till 7 months after its host’s death. He injested the bean through fried rice I cooked. Pictures of his computer screen weren’t enough according to my agency handler. After tracking him for over a month and missing two tests. I found the CharlesFund evidence. Thanks again to the Tech guys. I switched his laptop. Yet he defrauded a small start-up shipping company. A.C.C.A blew my cover and arrested him. I’m still pissed at the agency. My plan was simple. He’d be arrested in Lagos a week after our break-up.
He isn’t a naïve,inquistive child. He is a criminal. I wonder what charges A.C.C.A has against him. I’ll be appearing in court. Its a certainty. I turned towards the Tech office. Its lunch time with the guys. As I walked towards the large, white office I smiled. My bronze metallic heeless Stumps made little noise on the glass-like floor. In a year I’ll be a certified software developer! Due to my exposure to MaryJane the agency wants to send me to rehab. In the meantime its good to be back.



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