Spotlight Read: Of Good Destiny


Of Good Destiny by Tope Omamegbe (Tajmao)

Series Synopsis:

Every girls dream is to grow up, find the man of her dreams and get married. But Anaborhi is finding that things do not usually go as planned especially in her family. She must face a family secret and discover the sins of an ancestor for which a curse has prevailed in their lineage. Racing against time to save the life, and sanity, of her beloved, Anaborhi discovers a mysterious side of her family she never knew existed.

I read #3:Of Good Destiny first before realising it was part of a series. After reading the discussion between three female characters (Akunna and her daughter, Anaborhi and Akpobome) and their references to a dreadful family curse I was intrigued. Part 3 ended with these women deciding to go on a journey and more revelations.

I like the names of the characters which sound Igbo, Efik. Of Good Destiny is a Supernatural Drama published on TommySlav Island. It’s written in simple English and with the right twinge of suspense. It has themes of family, sacrifice, secrecy and irony. There is an interesting dynamic among the female characters. Plus adventure! I feel the series has more to offer and I look forward to reading Parts 4 and 5. With its current pace, I recommend OF GOOD DESTINY, if you want to follow an intriguing drama series.

I read the first part here and second part here.

More info..

Tope Omamegbe (Tajmao) is a fiction blogger, screen writer and comic book editor. She is the author of Twice A Bride published on Okadabooks. What Tides Fortell is another published fiction series. Connect with her on Instagram and read her fiction blog here.


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