More Reviews, Little Reading.

My week so far…

It’s Friday of Week 15 Gems! I’m a month away from going home for Law School 2nd term holidays! Heat in Yola and bulkier workload had me fatigued this week.

It’s cool that this picture I shot weeks ago is the topic taught in Professional Ethics today. I haven’t read a lot of fiction off my TBR this week. This weekend I look forward to finishing LIE TO ME DAN by Longrin Wetten and reviewing it.

However, I published some SPOTLIGHT READS (My quirky thoughts on unique poems, micro fiction and short stories found online). Find exciting online fiction in January, The Small Margins of Friendship by Tolu Daniel and Of Good Destiny by Tope Omamegbe. I plan to share more online fiction and book reviews in my drafts the coming weeks. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be sharing new entries of Zaza (Zaza is a queer memoir of self love, sensuality, sex and romance). So catch up on this series here, here and also here.

PS: This is how I’m smiling because the weekend is here. What bookie fun are you up to this weekend?

Who needs tattoo sleeves when I have caramel drizzled arms?

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