Blogging from Abuja

Your Glow Gem has resumed at Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria for her Nigerian Law School Externship. Currently, I’m in a cab on my way to High Court, F.C.T. The roads are beautifully tarred, dipping and raising, looming mountains shadow the horizon. It’s truly a beautiful city! Hopefully, I’ll get to film a bit this weekend and share on my YouTube. Trees of these orange-red moringa flowers are vibrant features of Abuja terrain.

Most fascinating book cover I saw at ECWA Maitama on Sunday.


I miss my loved ones and Lagos so much. I’ve began studying for bar finals. Oh yh I joined Twitter so please please follow me!

Take a look at QuirkyGlowGem (@AdaezeFeyisayo):

My Upcoming Collection

I’m going to be publishing STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS before May 27th on Okadabooks to celebrate Amethyst Saw 2nd Blogiversary. I’m really excited! You can follow all the fun, excerpts I’m sharing and more info through the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.






I will soon share a link to sign up for the collection’s newsletter for updates. Any Book Blogger interested in hosting my collection in a blog tour should email me at Have a wonderful day Gems.

Always remember YOU are enough!


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