This is how you die young

This is how you die young

You are driving at a steady speed entering the empty expressway then climbing the harmattan shrouded bridge.

You don’t see the large porthole and ramp into it.

You were thinking of her,

And how the many stabs of doubt,

And his inaccurate accusations of infidelity

Stopped your heart two hours before.

This is how you die young

By the searing palms of lust squeezing your heart as she undresses glowing chocolate curves. A peach dress then burgundy lace lingerie whisper to your office tiles.

This is how you die young

Of a heart attack as she sucks conviction

Out your dark nipples, fondling their full breasts though you moan and beg.

This is how you die young

A lesbian in denial that closes her “straight” gaze whenever my roving fingers she aches, arches and begs for,

Pluck, caress, smack, thrust, stroke and worship her.

Death is to deny your truth,

But to die young is to passively live in your truth.

This is how I killed you with ecstasy,

And this transfiguration of pride looks better than your new fender.



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