Hot Love Inferno

Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue

“Maybe that’s what being ‘at one’ with yourself means, to collect all other versions of you in existence.”

I clapped when I finished reading this novella and grinned. What’s not to love about this novella! Comedy, Action, Deadly Samurai warriors, Multi-dimensional Basset Hound, Descriptive goodness, Time travel and a Countdown to save Barry’s world. There is actual comic relief amidst bad situations and near death experiences. The author was kind to explain British references so you are immersed. It’s a quick, humorous read that will have you tensed in action also.

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Book Blurb

When seven-foot ghost warriors are trying to kill you, a multidimensional Basset Hound might be the only friend you need.
A half-woman, half-cockroach fused in a bizarre gardening accident? That would be Mrs Jittery Twitch, dwelling in the shadows of our misdeeds. If in danger, you can call upon her help… all she asks is your soul as payment. But she’s just a legend, so no need to worry.
Barry Harris is a 28-year-old man, still living with his dear old mum in a little flat above a hairdresser. His obsession with Star Trek and the martial arts won’t help him when he’s forced out on a date.
And nobody knows about the weird string of events that’s about to put everyone’s lives in danger. A trio of samurai warriors and the strangest offer of help lead Barry on a perilous mission to save the day.

(This book is the second in the Prophecy Allocation series but works fine as a standalone read.)

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Comedy, Humorous Fantasy, Humorous Fantasy Books,
Urban Fantasy Humour, Comic Fantasy,sci fi comedy books, sci-fi comedy,

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It’s initial chapters dragged on. I was bored with Barry’s routine life in Portsdale. But then during his movie date with Jo, things switched up. Then got gory and Barry had to get past the shock and begin a perilous mission to save everyone. At this point I missed the “boring” routine.

It is narrated by Barry and a third person who explains terms, cultural references of the 90s and some jokes in footnotes. I was curious about this third person narrator, the footnotes narrator. I had a suspicion who it was and was correct. But I won’t give spoilers. One of the main characters is Keith, an multi-dimensional Basset Hound, who has numerous time/multiverse altering lights on his collar. Plus he talks and is another hero in this story.

Molly, Barry’s mother and her friend Merritt who is Jo’s aunt will make you smile. Jo herself is an interesting but random woman who is enough motivation for our save-the-day team. Besides having a dog as a character, there is a community of active elderly characters-Dr Harper was a delight! I love how the book highlights on how to treat your pets, sex positivity and BDSM kinks, how the police attend to complaints, unhealthy eating, dating someone with an illness, gardening, etc. It set in Portsdale, a small British town in 1995.

There is the sci-fi, fantasy bit that impressed me. Prophecy Allocation referred to in the novella, “You know I said the multiverse only has two dimensions? The Prophecy Allocation Department links them both together. Essentially, it is an
office block at a crossroads between the seen and the unseen worlds. The Department owns the fabric of existence, and they control everything within it.”

The ebook typesetting is artsy. Novella’s descriptive imagery is really enjoyable. “The Factory’s doors flung open, and fog slithered in, slowly engulfing the aisles of erotic delectation.” A lot old English phrases and slangs matched the geographical and time setting of the book. I couldn’t locate wher its title came from. You know I love find this out. But a plot resolution came with the Pleasure Factory blowing up.

There are loose ends in the plot but it’s safe to presume new novellas in this Prophecy Allocation Series will tie them up. I look forward to listening to Keith again, Mrs Jittery Twitch and Barry and Jo’s buddy romance. I recommend this book with 3.5 fireworks.

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The first book in the series is Escape from Samsara. A Watched pot published under the pen name, Mr Blue are worth checking out.

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