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I’ve spent the last two midnights starting and reading ‘In The Name of our Father’ after being gifted it from the first Bookish Species Event in April 2019.

Book Synopsis

Two men. One dictator. A country in turmoil. Into this mix is thrown a new novel that threatens to expose the rotten uunderbelly of ‘a man of God’ who has not only bewitched his flock but has sunk his fangs into the head of state.

In his debut novel, In The Name of Our fater, award winning journalistOlukored Yishau weaves a mesmerizing take of duty, ambition, greed, and hunger for power. It is the story of two men intent on preserving their lives but it is on a larger scale the story of a country fighting to throw off the shackles of a power mad dictator.

You’ll catch me time traveling at midnight with juice in my recycled baby food-now-juice jar and my 2nd current read.

What do you drink when you are reading? How are you combating plastic waste and recycling with your daily choice of drinks?

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