Covid19 Put the World on Pause, not our Book Love.

Hey Gem, I hope you are surviving the world being on pause and helping stop the spread of Covid19.

I’ve been on an extended blogging and writing break since January. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen the erotic & day-dreamy flash stories, book reading updates and reviews I tweet. I decided to pop in, assure you I am well and safe and spread some cheer!

Hulisani my #BooksasOutfits favie favourite

With 493 cases, 17 deaths in 20 affected states and many other states in lockdown for over 2 weeks in Nigeria, the online book community around the world has comforted me. Especially with some interesting bookish hashtags and challenges. I thought to share some of my favourites.


I loveeeee this challenge but sadly I couldn’t participate because most of my books are in Lagos while I’m still at Umuahia. But here are some of my favourites looks.

6Books 6People

List 6 books I’ve finished recently, currently reading or plan to read soon then tag 6 others.

Here’s mine:

The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros (R) –a delightful adventurous romance!

Touch of Enchantment by Teresa Medeiros (R)

Thief of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros (R)

To Sir Phillips with Love by Julia Quinn (R)

Little Fires Everwhere by Celeste Ng (CR)– currently adapted into same named Hulu series.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory (TBR)


For the love of shoes and books!!!!

my only entry

Choose your Lockdown House

You’re on lockdown. There are six houses to choose from. The choice is yours. #AfricanLiteraryLockdown

Amanda and I say we’ll definitely catch Rona because we’d be running through every house. I can’t choose!!!!!

Open to Page 42 of the Book With You, Quote..

There are various versions of this challenge online. Some ask you to quote the first, fourth, last sentences with(out) book/author’s name. So many beautiful, curious, odd sentences exist Gems.


#InternationalPoetryCircle began on March 15th – with Tara Skurtu inviting people to connect through poetry at a time when unprecedented social isolation is vital to save lives worldwide. It’s has grown into an international thread of people reading their poems or others’ poems. Get to discover and fall in love with numerous poems!

LAUTECH Book Reading hosted by Nimisire on Instagram Live

I’ve reviewed his podcast last year where I listened to his soothing voice read sci-fi, speculative fiction for kids. Don’t miss out.

I hope these have made you smile, think, get creative, connect with other book lovers.

Please wash your hands, sanitize, stock up, help others, stay indoors and safe Gems.

To anyone who has lost someone to Covid19, my heartfelt condolences. Those who got injured or killed from police brutality or robbery attacks, I pray you heal and get justice.

To the health care and other essential workers, Thank you for your service.

Thank you for reading to the end. 🧡