This is an African literature and book blog. Find curated erotica, chicklit and speculative fiction flash stories published here weekly. Posts are written with galactic, glittery goodness of quirky words, decorated with creatively themed book photos. Read shorter, quirky, intriguing and (insert your own adjective) chicklit, erotica, fables and romance in a flash. Get helpful reading tips, book recommendations and inspiring lessons.

Visit my growing library of curated contemporary African literature and comics through my reviews in WHAT I AM READING . Read my thoughts on non-African fiction works I enjoyed in OFF THE CONTINENT. Also get reviews of online short fiction I discover daily. 

Amethyst Saw, my quirky creative fiction narrative, is curated by Adaeze Feyisayo Samuel. Amethyst Saw is her pen name. Her chicklit, erotic stories and conversations encourage healthy relationships for females, their sexuality and the world. Amethyst is a bookie, writer and curator of African literature. On days she’s not resisting her chocolate and ponmo addictions. Amethyst is reading, bookstagramming eye catching book photos, talking about literature and life. Or honestly, doing all three.

The site design, review template, creative fiction and non-fiction works (stories and series), book photos and images are created, designed, written and published by Adaeze Feyisayo Samuel. Unless referenced otherwise. All rights are reserved.



  1. Hi Amethyst!

    Your blog is quite interesting and I have subscribed. I am a passionate reader/viewer of fiction. Would you be interested in participating in a Ph.D. dissertation research project on the transformative influence of fiction? I am a Ph.D. candidate in psychology with a concentration in transpersonal psychology at Sofia University. I am in particular need of people of color as participants. I can send more information about myself and the project. Please let me know. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Caryn. I appreciate your interest. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. My email address is listed on my Contact page. I am interested in participating in your research. Email me. All the best.


      1. Hi Adaeze,

        We did connect at that time and you were very busy with a project. However, I am still in need of participants and would certainly welcome interviewing you if you are now available. Thanks. Caryn

        Liked by 1 person

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