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This is a creative literary blog. Find Queer Erotica and African Literature I write published here. Pleasure is also therapeutic. My erotic and magical stories encourage pleasurable relationships for women, their sexuality and the world.

My flash stories and poems are vivid and sensually written. Creatively themed book photos and flowers and food pictures I photograph decorate the blog. Get helpful reading tips, book recommendations and inspiring life lessons.

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Love, lust, desire and all that spicy sweetness in between. The hopeful romantic in me invites you to indulge.Visit Silk Sheets to read my erotic stories. Follow your favourite Series.
So many books and so little time! If you’d like insightful reviews of curated contemporary African literature and comics published online and in print, visit WHAT I AM READING. Read my thoughts on fiction works by non-African writers in OFF THE CONTINENT. Get reviews of short fiction and creative non-fiction published online I discover daily. Find my booktube channel, podcast reviews and more in Sounds. Curious about my life in Nigeria? Peep my bookie life here.

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Who is Amethyst Saw?

Amethyst Saw, my quirky creative narrative, is curated by Adaeze Feyisayo Samuel. Amethyst Saw has been her pen name for over a decade and it means ‘to heal with reading’. In ancient times Amethyst, a purple gemstone was put in wine given to injured soldiers. It was believed to quicken their healing. Amethyst is a creative writer who loves reading and book blogs. She believes literature gives us adventure to find ourselves. On days she’s not resisting her chocolate and ponmo addictions. Amethyst is reading, photographing books and nature, talking about literature and life. Or honestly, doing all three.

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The site design, review template, creative fiction and non-fiction works (stories and series), book photos and images are created, designed, written and published by Adaeze Feyisayo Samuel. Unless referenced otherwise. All rights are reserved.


  1. Hi Amethyst!

    Your blog is quite interesting and I have subscribed. I am a passionate reader/viewer of fiction. Would you be interested in participating in a Ph.D. dissertation research project on the transformative influence of fiction? I am a Ph.D. candidate in psychology with a concentration in transpersonal psychology at Sofia University. I am in particular need of people of color as participants. I can send more information about myself and the project. Please let me know. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Caryn. I appreciate your interest. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. My email address is listed on my Contact page. I am interested in participating in your research. Email me. All the best.


      1. Hi Adaeze,

        We did connect at that time and you were very busy with a project. However, I am still in need of participants and would certainly welcome interviewing you if you are now available. Thanks. Caryn

        Liked by 1 person

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