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Today after our case at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Area 11, Abuja. I decided to treat myself to solitary lunch. Long time no self date! I’ve been craving and daydreaming about the Cheese Chicken Shawarma from Barkono Grill.


I’m happy that I’m wrapping up my 2nd general revision for Bar Finals. I still have about 2 topics to touch in 3 courses. Yay to reading progress! The best advice I got from a friend was to draft a study timetable and to regularly practice past questions. I’ve tried to follow both. The great part of it is that at work, we Externs answer multiple choice questions before we go home daily.


I got foodgasms from Barkono cheese chicken shawarma for lunch while being serenaded. My heart, ears and tastebuds were delighted. Whitney Houston- I Look to You, Lay My Love on You-West Life, You’ll Be in my Heart-Elton John, Shayne Ward-Breathless played, I and other customers sang along. I remember going there the first time and falling in love with all the wonderful songs they played.

Barkono Grill is such a cosy space (to read or go on a self date). You can work with your laptop there. Their playlist is filled with songs that will give you auditory orgasms. The food is affordable and delicious. Plus their order hotline and attentive staff. *muah I called the number on their website to order my shawarma and got directions. When I got there I waited less than 10mins and my fries took lesser time. I had to leave back to work and they packed my meal in a takeaway pack.

My ideal Friday night is spent in bed with a book after my pamper skincare routine. Right now, I’m eating my leftovers and studying Criminal Litigation. I’m about to do my night skincare routine

Have fun this weekend Gems.



“Legacy refers to any personal, movable gift in a will.”

I’m revising Wills today. Getting to types of legacies got me thinking. As bibliophiles we spend our time reading and acquiring books.

Books are gateway to adventure. Who gets our legacy of books when we die? Think About it.

📗Will you give certain books as specific legacies to some people.

📚Will your books be general legacies donated to charities that cater to educational needs.

📕Or will you have an auction of limited/signed/first print editions to the public?

📚Or will you prefer to be cremated with your favourite pages or whole books?

📒Or will you have your library made a segment at your local library which will be paid from your Will to house that segment?

Comment below if you will do any or all of these or something else. I’d love to know.


Happy Pride Month Gems!


A warm bowl of Nigerian egusi soup, roundabout and warm colors.

Remember, love is love.

I spent sometime offline the past 5 days. I enjoyed the time off studying for my Bar Finals, reflecting, planning June and enjoying silence and peace. I used my time off to read up my May TBR. Expect some reviews and pictures tomorrow.

PS: I have a big reveal concerning my debut book, STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS tomorrow on the blog. Stay tuned!

Life Lessons and Braids

7 life lessons I have relearned and discovered in May. Pictures of me rocking the braids I got at Wuse Market on 10th may 2019.

1. Investing in organic relationships is never a waste. Don’t take your friends for granted. Be kind and directly supportive.

2. You’ll be frightened by how past trauma will resurface when you’re in similar situations. Breathe, analyse and act. You are differently equipped to overcome.

3. Braids make my face and skin tone look different.

4. Peach-Blush is my second favourite colour to wear after white.

5. You’ll find wonder in the most unlikely places. I ate the most delicious peppersoup with assorted (meat, ponmo, roundabout shaki, funkun, liver )at Wuse Market, Abuja the day I got my braids.

6. Nigerian courts consider Emotional Abuse by a partner on another when dissolving a marriage and granting custody of children. Don’t emotionally abuse or manipulate anyone. Checking your partner’s phone for incriminating things, gaslighting are examples of emotional abuse.

7. My writing apps change ‘your’ to ‘tour’ because of how many times I’ve written about my #stablovewithflowerstalks blitz and tour.

Have you signed up? Find out more about my book tour here and Sign up!