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Bookie. Book lover. Reader. Writer. Bibliophile. This category has posts that share tips and my musings about that bookie life. Starting a reading habit? You’ll find some useful advice here!

Bookie Life Update

My Bar Finals Exams are over! I can now stop romancing Law School textbooks. It’s been an intense journey from November 2018, studying at the Nigerian Law school for a Bachelor at Law(B.L) and enrollment into the Nigerian Bar. All that’s left are results and Call.

Gosh! My boundless gratitude can submerge the Atlantic.

I’m going to rest and rejuvenate. Next week I’d begin sharing book reviews and more.

I picked up Logan Feburary’s In The Nude yesterday evening. Finally! I’m so excited to read one of my favourite poet’s first and widely commended, full length poetry collection. I mean, read the amazing mini review by PageBookStore above!

The titles of the poems, the rhythm, their pulling depth and intimate imagery…wow. I’ll share a reading update later in the weekend.

Do you have a weekend read? Tell me little about it.



Welcome to August Gem!

It’s my Bar Finals month and I plan to excel, continue drafting posts for publication after exams and taking care of myself and mental health.

I’ll share notes on life, flash stories, mini reviews and bookish wallpapers weekly on the blog, Saturdays are certain.


Write out your mantra for August! Work towards achieving it. Remember to look at it and be inspired.


My Book Date at Keke Kafe, AUN Yola.

I enjoy going on food dates alone with my books. See where I visited this time!

Sunday evening I visited Keke Kafe at the American University of Nigeria, Club House in Yola, Adamawa.

I was pleasantly surprised with the artistic beauty of the Keke Kafe.

American University of Nigeria Club House

I needed a different space to study. So I pack up my Criminal Litigation textbook, study and draft book and took a walk to the Clubhouse which is opposite my Law School campus. I was pleasantly surprised with the artistic beauty of the Keke Kafe.
Its decor was reminiscent of Lagos. But then yellow kekes(tricycles) are the largest means of public transport in Yola.

I ate delicious (but dry) rich, chocolate cake at Keke Kafe. My Chalet mate recommended the cake. They also sell coffee and other pastries. I ate pizza and studied Charges afterwards by the poolside.

I’d postponed going to go eat pizza at AUN since I arrived at Yola. I’m at this phase where I’m comfortable knowing I met my saving goals for an experience or thing and then not doing or getting it. Who else has experienced this?

I swung first at the children swing set.

Thanks for reading Gem! I do hope you find time to visit a cafe or restaurant alone with your current read in an artistic and chill ambience and relax.

Bookie Life Update

I hope you’ve been staying warm, safe and productive. Today makes it 18 days to my Bar Finals. I’ve been buried in books. I still take time to do my daily routine; sleeping, hydrating, listening to music, reading fiction as rewards, talking with loved ones, eating healthy, rubbing Ewa, my stuffed kitty above, saying self affirmations and prayers. I did my Portfolio assessment on Thursday. Congratulations to other law school students who excelled at theirs also. I can’t wait for my exams to be over.

Christine and the Queens has been my favourite discovery in July. I love her voice and French Pop music. Check out Comme Si, 5 Dollars, La Marcheuse and her feature on Charli XCX’s Gone.

TIERs Nigeria has released Season 4 of UnTold Facts that shares informative discussions on Queer rights and other issues hosted by Arit Ekpo. Watch Digital Security and the Queer Nigerian and maybe catch up on older videos.


I’ve finished reading Lakiriboto Chronicles which turned out to be so much more than just a family drama!A multilayered book on resilience and hope. It touched on so many issues like sexuality (queerness and BDSM kinks), mental disorders, sexual abuse, crime and blackmail, Yoruba orishas, large Nigerian families, cultural beliefs, societal expectations and women. etc. I binge read The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Expect mini reviews of these sensational queer fiction.


Have you read my latest flash stories, Multiple Bloom and Sweet Joy.

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