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First Book Mail!

I just braved the Yola sun after my ice cream date to pick up my gift copy of Self Apology by poet, blogger Ezinne Ogwumah. SELF APOLOGY is a collection of short poetry, epigrams and sketched illustrations which talk about self recovery from depression, anxiety, stress and emotional issues by practising the natural act of self love.

Thank you Ezinne and Nnamdi for getting this second copy to me after the first one got lost in delivery at Ikorodu. It was interesting visiting Jambutu Park in Yola. A whole different aspect of the city..and this time I didn’t get missing like last week Monday evening. Yo! Pidgin English is saving me out here o.

Can’t wait to flip through this collection, sniff its pages and fall in love with its words. Hope your Sunday is going great Gems.


Spectacular Women Said..

I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes spectacular women said this week below. The first quote is mine from my reflection on some experience this week. I scribbled down their words in my journal. Some of their words should be on t-shirts, car stickers, face caps, tote bags, victory cakes, post captions, etc.

“I wasn’t raised to be a nice girl but to be an impactful human being. You are not entitled to me or my politeness. “-Adaeze Samuel.


“You like a woman, good for you. You don’t, shut the fuck up and move the hell on with your life.”- Precious Okedele.


“Don’t be his peace sis”-Amaka Amaku.


“I’m not for male consumption.”-Janelle Monáe.


“Let’s teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into the glass slippers. And more about shattering glass ceilings!”-Pastor Jennifer Joseph.


“Teach men about consent. Teach men not to feel entitled to a woman’s body”-Munkeng Shambo.


“Teach boys about sex not just reproduction. About the joy of mutual pleasure and enthusiastic consent..Anything less than a woman being enthusiast about something sexual that is about to happen is a sign that he must stop and talk to her.”-Jameela Jamil.

Nuggets from my First Law School Dinner

‘Exposure is never overrated. Practice, practice, practice! It isn’t shameful.’- Adaeze Feyisayo.


Before Dinner, I made sure I noted the day my dining would occur, Wednesday. On Monday I spent 4 hours at Jimeta market searching, buying and amending a suit jacket. I’d make a check-list of requirements and rules. After Property Law Practice lecture yesterday and a bit of writing. I restyled my hair from my Minnie buns and bangs to twin nape buns in the picture above.

Minnie Buns and Bangs

I also practised my cutlery use before dinner on Tuesday. I shared get-ready-with-me videos on my WhatsApp. I had a shower, polished my shoes and dressed up. My friend, roommates and I took pictures then left the hostels. After signing into the attendance register we were given seat placements. After the Body of Benchers filed in and sat, prayers said and the gravel was hit, dinner began and went on for 1hr.

Loookk at meee!!!


‘The words that follow ‘I AM’ are powerful. Today begin using uplifting, positive, kind phrases to define yourself and attract goodness to yourself.’– Former Chief Judge of Adamawa State.

Attendance of 3 dinners are prerequisites to sit for bar finals. So don’t forget to correctly sign the attendance register. It was more formal than my university law dinner.

There were two speeches given, the toast (to the Federal Republic of Nigeria) speech and a post-dinner speech by the Chairman of the occasion(usually a Life Bencher). You can eat during the latter speech but you stand for the former holding up a wine glass. I really loved the Former CJ’s heartwarming speech on benefits of positive affirmations in life.

You are to wear a black suit with a white shirt/camisole, natural hair neatly packed in a bun/puff, black flat shoes/heels, student I.D card. No handbags and phones are allowed. But people snuck in their phones.

Proper British dinner etiquette is meant to be observed throughout the three-course meal. So practice cutlery use beforehand. Yo, the hall sounded like a battlefield in Game of Thrones! I didn’t finish my main course, jollof rice, coleslaw and chicken. It wasn’t tasty, fresh or soft. I really enjoyed the peppersoup and pineapple.

You will feel anxious but don’t forget to breathe in and out, name 3 parts of your body or object you see or count from 50-1 backwards. I sat directly in front of my campus deputy director general and the gravel. A babe at my table suffered an anxiety attack and she was able to breathe in-out consciously for 5mins then eat her meal. I was happy she could eat and relax.

I look forward to the other two dinners!

What a Week

Its been a revealing but accomplished week for me and my loved ones.

How was your week Gem?


This was another week of rigorous studying and lectures at Law School. I fell ill on Thursday but I’m on medication and improving. My partner, friends and family were quite supportive. And I’m genuinely grateful to have people in my life (physical and online) who support, care and love me.

This week I concluded Desert Rose, an extended version of the poem I wrote for Humphrey Ominisan Photography Desert Rose Editorial. It was difficult to write at some point. It’s a love letter, praising the magnificence of an African woman without alluding to pain, struggles or societal construct. A woman is enough as she is, a human also. I can’t wait to share with you after its publication!

Books and Reading

I didn’t read any paperback. Online short fiction through blog hopping were my reads for this week. Although, my Mum received some book mail for me in Lagos. Which she will courier to Yola. Big shout out to Alaroro Books and Penthusia Media! Oh yh, I bought a few things I’ve wanted to get. *drumroll* She Called Me Woman, an anthology of queer Nigerian women; three ebooks from Reina Farine; a new shampoo packed with vitamins and proteins, Vo5 Strawberry and Cream Shampoo; and a yummy Pineapple Body Mist; plus chocolates!!!


I’ve been drafting some book reviews I’m eager to share. I also posted a ‘welcome to 2019 vlog’ on my booktube. So check it out. Hope you’ve been reading the lust notes and sunrise stories I’ve published this week. Catch up o! Newer stories are coming.


‘Scum has no gender’- Rasaq

‘Seen and Duly discarded’-Munkeng

Your morality shouldn’t exist in the body of a woman.’-Olutimehin

This week I was so happy to see my close friends pull through dark times, sickness, depression and self-doubt. I was delighted my daily calls and texts of love, positive affirmations, pictures, videos and little gifts I shared helped. Above are some of my favourite quotes from some of them. Munkeng’s quote is my new response to every sexist advice I’m given. Also my bookie love, Lara Kareem launched her online store, Book Gloves (book sleeves made in Nigeria with lush African print fabrics). Check out Book Gloves and pre-order.

Check on your friends regularly. Compliment their best qualities, advice them, admonish their wrongs, give them gifts. Simply listen other times. Fight internet trolls if need be!

New Writers I Discovered

I’m really excited to share my January Spotlight Read with you. But until I do, let’s talk about fiction writers I discovered this week. I found Tajmao, who runs a creative writing blog and writes horror. I also discovered Kelechi Dozie who has profound free verse poetry on his creative writing blog.

I’m spending this weekend taking my medication, staying away from negative energy, studying, writing and resting.

Cheers to the remaining five days of January!