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Bookie. Book lover. Reader. Writer. Bibliophile. This category has posts that share tips and my musings about that bookie life. Starting a reading habit? You’ll find some useful advice here!


Films Or Books? Is usually a question people ask me. Dah! You just pulled me out of an open novel to ask that question. But sometimes the stars aline in the dark galaxy and there are movie adaptations of books I love. From the Star Wars franchise to Half of A Yellow Sun, I love watching movie adaptations of  narratives I adore. Its magical watching the cast and crew efforts of squeezing and trimming a novel into an hour plus of interpreted visual delight. Plus seeing the author’s approved representation of  imagined characters and setting, ah!

This May I watched a few films based on books which I found endearing. These join the list of my favourite adaptations (in no particular order) The Notebook, Half of a Yellow Sun, The Great Gatsby, Longest Ride, Something like Summer, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Call Me By Your Name, Everything Everything, Me Before You, Fifty Shades Trilogy, etc.

So..May Adaptations include

Message In A Bottle by Nicolas Sparks, A touching story of love and loss, grief and growth I read while in senior secondary school. I was so moved by this narrative that I wrote a short note to my crush then, I put it in an empty plastic bottle and gave his friend, the courier. His other friends hijacked the bottle, ran around school to my utter embarrassment before they surrendered my message. Although, suspecting that might happen I’d kept it short, poetic but not ‘lame and loving’. In the end my crush didn’t see anything sweet or romantic about this gesture. That was years ago. After watching the movie adaptation for the first time last week I sent my secondary school best friend a direct message about this funny but embarrassing memory. He said, ‘that boy never had any romantic bone in his body’. Like every Nicholas Sparks book, there were the timeless, classic, aesthetic setting of the film.

The Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks, one word..WOW. for the moving undying first love story, adulthood reunion, loss, sacrifice. A beautiful adaptation of a breathtaking narrative. I cried.

The Kissing Booth by Beth Reckles: Another unique teenage romance story. Filled with plot twists, friendship, hurt, love and being honest with one’s self. All perfectively captured in this bright, up beat Netflix movie. Plus Elle was acted by a short, curvy, beautiful young woman. Amazing.


Writing Tips I Stumbled Upon Today

Hey, I’m sharing so we can both all be better writers.

Here my caramel popping, stubby fingers were clicking links when I stumbled upon two refreshing and informative writing advice posts.

The first was from Samantha The ReaderThe Best Writing Tips I Wish I Had Known From The Very Beginning!

I already appreciate how she writes. Descriptive, clear, warm and enlightening pieces of writing advice.

Second one was found through Brittle Paper links. It is an amazing post compiling Tiah Beautment’s twits about writing erotica. It is filled with writing etiquette, dispels myths, serving writing tips for erotica. I learnt a few new things. my cheeks are smiling because I hadn’t done any of the DONTs in EROTICA: Rules of engagement when asking readers to review your draft.


Tuesday’s Brunch goes best with western romance!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Easter holiday bookie.

Welcome to April!

During the Easter weekend, amidst shopping, gossip, cooking, discussing with friends and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Linda  Leal Miller’s Forever A Hero. Pulling out thin poetry collections and thick novels from my book stacks, with clothing tags and bookmarks sticking out. I plan to continue reading them. As I’d read half way through before discarding them for other works of fiction.

I had a flash story, Sunday Lunch posted on my instagram page.

Read it, like the picture and follow me!



Book Shopping and Some Excitement!

It all started as window shopping. I walked into Glendora Bookshop at Ikeja City Mall with eagerness and ease. Like I have done for the past four years. There were a few popular Nigerian authored books on the tables. I picked up Who Fears Death, Motion Tourist, Taroud’s Song, Boafak Illusion and cradled them to my ample breasts.

I struck off a conversation with the new Books Custodian as I call the Shopkeeper.  In the midst of political memoirs was a Linda Lael Miller novel. I bubbled with excitement as I picked it up. While waiting for my date to arrive, Lara, the Books Custodian and I conversed. We talked about when we both fell in love with reading, the benefits of reading, her job experience, the Nigerian reading culture. Absolutely fascinating conversation, with these words I absolutely agreed with.

“Reading gives you a totally different perspective on things.”- Lara Kareem

The most exciting part of our conversation was when she stated she has a lifestyle site and took down my blog address. I hadn’t met a bookstagrammer or literature blogger randomly. It was exciting. I’m currently falling in love with her site.

To me, the best way a date can show admiration is to buy me a book or few. From window shopping I left Glendora with Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor and the Linda Lael Miller‘s Forever A Hero. I was happy my date purchased them for me.  After the eye feast I had mouth watering, creamy. cold chocolate and pineapple gelato. Trying the new brown and pale yellow sumptuous flavours was divine!

A World Record of reading out loud for the longest hours trying to be made at Herbert Macaulay You Read Library at Yaba this week. Fascinating! I’ll share more about it in The Quirky Creative Fiction Newsletter dropping in your inbox tomorrow. Saturday was a lot of fun.  Fun I needed to mitigate the stress from school and preparing for the new month.

My Reading Goals 2018

Reading is an hobby of mine I refer to as my first love. I’d like to explore new narratives in 2018. To aid this I have a short list of S.M.A.R.T reading goals. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound.

#GOAL 1- Maintain my reading habit during the 12 months of the year.

Action Steps:

  • Schedule reading time in my daily to-do lists.
  • Actually read and enjoy it.
  • Pick reading materials from my usual sources (purchased paperbacks, reviews, magazine published stories, my own work, blogs and Okadabooks).
  • Reflect and note down lessons learnt and ideas gotten from read work.
  • Note and share my thoughts on works read.
  • Recommend works I enjoyed.
  • Take breaks from reading (eg. In between books or during semester C.A or Exams.).
  • Keep books away from damage. Store finished books properly.


#GOAL 2- To read more poetry in the next 12 months.

Action Steps:

  • Read poems found online, in literary magazines and blogs.
  • Read 3 poetry collections with a average of 70 poems.
  • Read 2 poetry anthologies. I enjoyed reading anthologies in the past.
  •  Read poems of various forms written by Nigerian and other (non)African poets.


#GOAL 3- To read at least 7 novels from other Africans on the continent and in Diaspora.

Action Steps: 

  • Make a list of books by other African authors (nominated for lierary awards the past 2 years, from 2017 purchase list and reviews I enjoyed)
  • Purchase or read online (e)book curated on the list
  • Draft my thoughts on read works and share in WHAT I AM READING.

I’m excited about the journey the works I’ll read this year will take me. I’ll do an Achievement Assessment at the end of every quarter of the year. Because of my smart reading goals I won’t be doing any book challenges.