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Reading List Update

It’s the 15th, half way through June and I’m staring at my June reading list. I’m staring, wondering how I hoped to read all those (e)books. *deep sigh. Talk about unrealistic goals. I have spent the past few days reading a literary magazine, Bookstagram poems and began a novel not on my list. I enjoyed reading the magazine as expressed here.

It isn’t just the number of books on my list but the idea of a list itself. I decided to try curating a reading list that will help me achieve my 2018 reading goals. Usually, I read at random (with my reading goals as a guide) then share my thoughts. Sometimes being occupied with my Law degree affects my literature reading. I read tons of statutes, cases, reviews, articles, journals, textbooks on Law. It has been difficult sticking to the list because I seemed to have lost interest in some books on the list. Weird. Plus I noticed I have spent days ignoring my current read, The Last Days At Forcados High School. Maybe because it reminds me of the misadventures of my scandalous secondary school set mates and my reserved self.

Now I understand why some bookstagrammers had 3-7 books on their lists. Initially I chose a list based on how comfortable I was and my reading habits. Now that my interest in some books have dwindled. Proactive determination, honesty and simple Book Lust is making me update my June reading list.

Updated Reading List

The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed,

read* Saraba Issue 22-OPEN,

         read* Saraba Issue 7-Displacement,

                    read* Saraba Issue 11- SEX,

comic* Avonome by Comic Republic,

comic* Hero Kekere (Issues 2,4,5,6) by Comic Republic,

ebook* Diary of A Crush by Sarra Manning,

Garri For Breakfast by Seun Lari-Williams.

Hopefully these will keep me out of books marked to be read in July. How is your reading this month going? Do comment to let me know.



Films Or Books? Is usually a question people ask me. Dah! You just pulled me out of an open novel to ask that question. But sometimes the stars aline in the dark galaxy and there are movie adaptations of books I love. From the Star Wars franchise to Half of A Yellow Sun, I love watching movie adaptations of  narratives I adore. Its magical watching the cast and crew efforts of squeezing and trimming a novel into an hour plus of interpreted visual delight. Plus seeing the author’s approved representation of  imagined characters and setting, ah!

This May I watched a few films based on books which I found endearing. These join the list of my favourite adaptations (in no particular order) The Notebook, Half of a Yellow Sun, The Great Gatsby, Longest Ride, Something like Summer, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Call Me By Your Name, Everything Everything, Me Before You, Fifty Shades Trilogy, etc.

So..May Adaptations include

Message In A Bottle by Nicolas Sparks, A touching story of love and loss, grief and growth I read while in senior secondary school. I was so moved by this narrative that I wrote a short note to my crush then, I put it in an empty plastic bottle and gave his friend, the courier. His other friends hijacked the bottle, ran around school to my utter embarrassment before they surrendered my message. Although, suspecting that might happen I’d kept it short, poetic but not ‘lame and loving’. In the end my crush didn’t see anything sweet or romantic about this gesture. That was years ago. After watching the movie adaptation for the first time last week I sent my secondary school best friend a direct message about this funny but embarrassing memory. He said, ‘that boy never had any romantic bone in his body’. Like every Nicholas Sparks book, there were the timeless, classic, aesthetic setting of the film.

The Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks, one word..WOW. for the moving undying first love story, adulthood reunion, loss, sacrifice. A beautiful adaptation of a breathtaking narrative. I cried.

The Kissing Booth by Beth Reckles: Another unique teenage romance story. Filled with plot twists, friendship, hurt, love and being honest with one’s self. All perfectively captured in this bright, up beat Netflix movie. Plus Elle was acted by a short, curvy, beautiful young woman. Amazing.

Writing Tips I Stumbled Upon Today

Hey, I’m sharing so we can both all be better writers.

Here my caramel popping, stubby fingers were clicking links when I stumbled upon two refreshing and informative writing advice posts.

The first was from Samantha The ReaderThe Best Writing Tips I Wish I Had Known From The Very Beginning!

I already appreciate how she writes. Descriptive, clear, warm and enlightening pieces of writing advice.

Second one was found through Brittle Paper links. It is an amazing post compiling Tiah Beautment’s twits about writing erotica. It is filled with writing etiquette, dispels myths, serving writing tips for erotica. I learnt a few new things. my cheeks are smiling because I hadn’t done any of the DONTs in EROTICA: Rules of engagement when asking readers to review your draft.



Tuesday’s Brunch goes best with western romance!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Easter holiday bookie.

Welcome to April!

During the Easter weekend, amidst shopping, gossip, cooking, discussing with friends and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Linda  Leal Miller’s Forever A Hero. Pulling out thin poetry collections and thick novels from my book stacks, with clothing tags and bookmarks sticking out. I plan to continue reading them. As I’d read half way through before discarding them for other works of fiction.

I had a flash story, Sunday Lunch posted on my instagram page.

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