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Bookie In Yola


Curled eyelashes fluttered close like delicate butterflies.

Nature dainty in the wind swaying, buzzing, green growing.

Me, 2018, Life’s Lemons and Depth.

I’m at peace with myself as the new continuation of days float in.

Greetings from sunny, chilled Yola! Welcome to December. Please be content, positive and safe this month Gem.

My law school campus is located at Yola South of Adamawa State. Hausa, Pidgin, English are mostly spoken and other Nigerian languages. Fulani people live here and they’re calm, welcoming and humorous. There is electricity and clean, running water all day long. Yola’s weather is unique. Its radiant sun is the ultimate glow filter. The air is dry even with the billowing winds. Giving the weather a sunny, harmattan feel. Daytime is longer here; dawn before 6am and dusk before 7pm. Truly amazing because the sun rises in Lagos around to 7am and sets past 7pm. My body is still trying to adjust.

I’ve spent this week doing my registration and settling in on campus. Lectures commence next week and I’m excited but anxious. I might have a new post schedule for stories and reviews once they commence. I’m really enjoying the serenity. Two white butterflies kissed my fingers on Wednesday. What was your last week of November like?

What I Am Reading

I talk about my November reads here. I’ll still publish reviews of some. You can check out other book reviews here. Catch up on all my published stories in November

This December I want to finish reading some books on my DNF list. Guerrilla Post by Obari Gomba and Kabu Kabu by Nnedi Okorafor. Then start reading new books like Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare(poetry collection), From Caves of Rotten Teeth by A. igoni Barrett(short story collection) and online fiction I discover.

New Booktube Series

I uploaded some videos on my Booktube Channel, SARF Uncut. Steamy Storytime is a short video series where under 10 minutes I read erotic stories I’ve written. Episode 1: Sunny Views of Us is up. Click here to watch it!!

The first two were playful, text videos. But they helped me work on my camera shyness. If you enjoy my videos, like and subscribe Gem.

Don’t forget to breathe and glow!



Welcome to a promising new week Gem!

What’s up with your Nigerian Gemstone..

I got admitted into the Nigerian Law School and got posted to its Yola Campus. Yola is the capital of Adamawa State, located in the Northern part of Nigeria. I can’t believe I’m leaving Lagos in Lagos! Last week was really fast paced. I had to pack, research, shop, spend time with loved ones, say goodbyes, cry, laugh, learn and reflect. The bustle of the past week taught me a few life lessons. It’s been emotional packing up my apartment. Currently, I’m spending time with my Mum before I travel. Having to prioritize my time, money and energy has somewhat improved my decision making. My spare time is spent scribbling erotica in my tiny notebook and reviewing many lists. I think I’ll spend today catching up on podcast episodes of 2 Pesewas and MisRead. After hugging bestie and cuddling with my partner.


  • The beautiful part of life is that to grow we must shed habits or things. Yet accumulating skills or things is also a mark of growth.
  • Acquire assets but don’t be unrealistic when you need to dispose them.
  • Writing out little bits of stories and thoughts for book reviews in my journal gets me a quicker final draft.
  • A list will always save time. If you remember to check it.
  • A few supportive friends make one grateful. Its important to appreciate their support. Even if its simply sorting yourself out.
  • Everyone seems so angry, depressed, frustrated and are ready to transfer aggression. Stay positive without absolving all the negativity.
  • When you see others doing what you want to do. Evaluate yourself. Do you still want them? If yes, make it work. Until then live happily with the choice you made and don’t let your self loathing or insecurities spill out as envy or hatred towards the person that made theirs work.
  • Every phase will pass. Be consistent and content regardless.
  • When life gives you lemons. Make tangy mango jam. And have life wonder!


So far I’ve read Painted Blue with Salt Water by Logan February twice. Yay! I completed A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. One more book off my DNF (Did Not Finish) list. Yes, I am currently reading. I’m three stories away from finishing Kabu Kabu by Nnedi Okorafor. During my commute while running personal errands I began reading Guerilla Post by Obari Gomba yesterday. I’ve also been reading poetry posts on Instagram. I bought From A Cave of Rotten Teeth by A. Igoni Barrett at Glendora Bookstore, ICM. I’m addicted to short story collections. I will be publishing book reviews this week. They might not be as lengthy as my previous ones as I want shorter reviews.


If you could see my blog to-do-list or drafts folder..but no peeking. I plan to publish new erotica and romance stories once I’m settled on campus. I apologise about Zaza but I’m still rewriting my drafts. Thank you for the positive feedback after reading. To me, writing romance, erotica and queer erotica is my way of encouraging body positivity, sexual rights, sex postivity, sexual and mental health for women and men in Africa. Whenever my works make you fantasize, laugh, blush, wonder and maybe fan yourself. It gives me immerse pleasure Gem.

Don’t forget to breathe!

November Vibes

Welcome to November.
A drop down of days to elevate to your self.
Above negativity, confusion, laziness and disbelief. Be human today and forever. Remember Resilience. You are precious so think it, exude it, act it. Aspire, thrive and vibe with your soul’s energy. Even in less, give yourself compassion. Be patient, consistent. You’ll flourish.
When time faithfully acknowledges your consistency, patience and you. Stay human, a precious human, to be remembered by blinking stars, rustling grass and me. Welcome to a new drop down of days you.

• • •

This month, I’ll be sharing reviews from my October reads. I’ve been busy with my guests pick-up and welfare duties during Lagos International Poetry Festival 2018. But it’s been delightful discussing, laughing, musing with the amazing guest poets, I’m looking forward to my sore throat healing, resting after the successful completion of the festival and sharing reviews and pictures!!

I have new flash stories I can’t wait to share with you guys. Yes, N70 Rides to Love and others. Zaza returns the coming Tuesday! I hope your excited and have began curating your festive reads.

Don’t forget your November love letter above from me.


Writing this Saturday away.

This Saturday morning, I spent some time completing my draft of BANTU KNOTS. I began writing it on my Whatsapp story yesterday afternoon. I noticed I’m faster writing something smaller that leads into a longer flash story these days.  Bantu Knots is an erotic thriller about Nkechi who investigates the suicide of her secret lover, Corper Lanre.

It’s delightful writing thriller the past day and two. That aside, I’m still drafting N70 Rides to Love, a romantic flash story. In it, love sneaks up on an okada rider and a woman who just moves into the neighborhood. Although, my writing is dragging along. Zaza is completely still on hold. Reading a good book does help inspire writing I’ve noticed. I’m 68 pages away from the end of Laughing As They Chased Us by Sarah Jackman. Its been a delightful read! I’m about picking up What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky by Leslie Nneka Arimah as my next read. Yay! My volunteer application to LIPFest was accepted. Now, I just have to go for training. I hope I’m not cash strapped this coming week so its easier.

To enjoy the Indomie Chicken Extravaganza add salt. Its spicy, chicken flavoured noodles with tiny bits of chicken and sausage slices but bland.

I remember drafting an open letter to Nigerian Movie Producers after watching several foreign book adaptations and Nigerian romantic comedies at Marturion Cinemas, Igando. Then I discovered I never published it. So here it is;


Can you produce more adaptation of Nigerian literature books? Yes, the recent comedies, coming-of-age- films and chick flicks have been interesting. I really enjoyed watching Merry Men, The Real Yoruba Demons on Sunday. Don’t leave all the adaptations for foreign movie producers Gems. Not only classic Nigerian literature or modern classics deserve cinematic representation. Best-sellers, unique debuts and brave books that address life issues (like Sickle Cell Anaemia, Child Molestation, old age, culture, LGBTQI, etc) will make the cut. Its no longer enough watching theater plays of best-selling Nigerian books. 

Some books that’ll make great films are Independence and Like A Mule Bringing Ice cream to the Sun by Sarah Manyika, Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John, The Last Days At Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed, Everything Good will Come by Sefi Atta, The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin, Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko, Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo, Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenre, Oil on Water by Helon Habila and many others. Short Story collection and book trilogies or series can also be adapted into Tv or Online series. Kabu Kaby by Nnedi Okorafor, What it Means When a Man Falls from the Sky by Leslie Arimah, It Wasn’t Exactly Love, Whispering Trees by Abubakar Ibrahim and many more!

I and other Naija book lovers want to excitedly watch Nigerian book adaptation. Like we were about Crazy Rich Asians, The Hate U Give and others. Our reading squads and clubs want to buy tickets, take selfies with actors, grin at well represented plots, review and enjoy! This is a niche of movie making that isn’t fully exploited by Nigerian filmmakers. 

From a Gem in Lagos,


I think I’ll go on a reading break before continuing writing. I’ve been at my Mum’s house at Ikorodu. It was fun celebrating her birthday together  on Thursday. She loved one of her gifts, The Parrot In My Head by Anuoluwapo Sotunde as much as she loved her surprise cake and wig.

How’s your Saturday and weekend going?