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Choosing Elective Courses to Achieve Career Goals as an Undergraduate

In this new segment, On My Career Path on Equity In Motion. I journal career resource articles for students to make the best of their educational careers while starting off on their career path.

Choosing Elective Courses to achieve Career goals as an undergraduate is the first article just in time for the new session.

Things I learnt From starting my Literature blog in 2017

In this article I share valuable career advice from this inspiring article on my Amethyst Saw, Medium blog. I have mentioned in some newsletters that by following me on Medium you get to see what self improvement, career resources and other articles I read, loved and clapped for.  Read more here.


The Etisalat now 9mobile Prize for Literature Blog takes you into the bush of books with me.

The Etisalat Prize for Literature has run from 2013-2017 being the first pan-African literary prize that celebrates African writers of a debut published book of fiction. Their blog is a tasteful melting pot for literature.

My interview with them discusses my favourite book and author, my thoughts on the Nigerian reading culture, what book I’d take on a trip and other things. I am extremely delighted and honoured to be interviewed. Read the interview through this link.