Silk Sheets

Love, lust, desire and all that spicy sweetness in between. The hopeful romantic in me invites you to indulge.


Laying in the dark I blink at nostalgia and reflections of headlights. Cool breeze and silver shadows ruffle my parted curtains. Warm, serenading whispers stroke my ear. I close my brown eyes and feel you kiss my earlobe. ‘Shemaye’ I moan into my phone. Your whispers promise, ‘the Block Party’s Bole and Fish sauce will taste like the Calabar one we ate in December. It’ll be a delicious dinner’. My soft fingers caress my plum labia and erect clit. Pleasure floats up to my throat in low moans like bubbles of champagne. ‘Yes, 20 minutes. I’ll be ready.’

ORITSESHEMAYE is my ongoing Twitter erotic series.

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Whenever our silky bodies touch, I stare into her cosmic eyes I feel intoxicated. Drugged up on her dark melanin. Breathless from kissing her voice. Dying in peace, my face buried in between her thighs. Hazy with orgasms. Our kissing labias like eagles making love in blue skies.

I’m thinking of this woman. Smiling in crescents as memory replays her sleepy voice. Crescents becomes half moons, reminiscing about the feel of my breasts against her smooth, slender back.

My ceramic heart is beating, ferocious. I hear its maroon chips fall into my stomach. I feel some fluttering butterflies wiggle under these fractures. This attraction broke me in its making. Pinning my hopes against my womb.,

Your gasps are fluttering butterflies. Patient palms stroke soft skin. Softness like fresh air. Have you felt the evening breeze? Stroked her neck, Cupped her breasts? Sniff pheromones, lemongrass & smoke. Compliments are worship before praising kisses. Lap nectar from plum lips.

My heart and head are running through revolving doors of pleasure, anxiety, joy, pain, hope, lust, humility, fear, thrilling newness. For once in the same direction. What’s magic without a little blood? On Planet 15 they collided with you. Hi Beautiful, your eyes say to my dimples.

ORITSESHEMAYE is my ongoing Twitter erotic series. What are your thoughts?

Of How

The car sped by yellow tricycles while I looked out the wound up window. Landscape flew by in grassy green patches on sandy brown land prostrate in front of sun faded houses.

I thought of your work I just read.

Of how it reminds me of flicking moisten clits,

Of being instructed to moan, ‘fuckk!’

Of licking up shudders and waves of orgasms bursting through labia lips.

Of how I get satisfaction from her satisfaction. Exhilarating!

Of how intimately your short story captures lesbian sex.

Of how she didn’t like it when I penetrated her with my soft fingers.

How I haven’t had sex with a woman who likes penetration. But had thrust me past cliffs of orgasms.

‘..dominate in bed’

Of how I had never thought of being fucked by a woman. Though I’ve felt deliciously fucked numerously by them.

Its interesting how some words used in narratives about sex make me see my sex life differently.

I think this looking at the swirling clouds in the blue sky. They remind me of her soft fingertips stroking my brown nipples. Of the trailing edge of her peach hijab caressing my flabby arm reaching underneath her long skirt.

Image source: Yola Skies by Susan Owualah