Silk Sheets

Love, lust, desire and all that spicy sweetness in between. The hopeful romantic in me invites you to indulge.

A half written erotic poem



These thighs

Moist Lips

Lush Kisses

Gentle nibbles

Ticklish bush

Pulsing Clit


Hungry Flicks

Fragrant Moans

Pressure from swoosh closed thighs.

No air. Honey lapping.

Tiny death of explosive pleasure.

The afterlife is a brown vulva vibrating into your lips.



Her eyes


Laying in the dark I blink at nostalgia and reflections of headlights. Cool breeze and silver shadows ruffle my parted curtains. Warm, serenading whispers stroke my ear. I close my brown eyes and feel you kiss my earlobe. ‘Shemaye’ I moan into my phone. Your whispers promise, ‘the Block Party’s Bole and Fish sauce will taste like the Calabar one we ate in December. It’ll be a delicious dinner’. My soft fingers caress my plum labia and erect clit. Pleasure floats up to my throat in low moans like bubbles of champagne. ‘Yes, 20 minutes. I’ll be ready.’

ORITSESHEMAYE is my ongoing Twitter erotic series.

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