Silk Sheets

Love, lust, desire and all that spicy sweetness in between. The hopeful romantic in me invites you to indulge.

Sweet Joy

I want to eat cotton candy, jump in a bouncing castle holding your hands. Wearing your spirited laughter, a floral body mist over my blonde wig and gown.

I want to watch you licking bubblegum icecream. While I try to blow out the words, ‘I love you’ in air kisses floating to your dimpled smile inches away.

I want to sneak into a bathroom stall behind you. I miss squeezing your breasts. As much as, your breath tickling my double chin.

Its exhilarating wiping your purple lipstick smudge off my teeth while you hug my waist whispering, ‘barrister’. Knowing that later tonight, I can eat your congratulations cake and more..

Floating Fantasy

Absently Present.

You backspace on last night’s
draft. Formed in a stupor
of loneliness.

Lust. An itch.
You’ve been gently rubbing your labia lips incircular motions. At your side is the last rolled up pad for July.

You look at your headboard and fantasize.
Your fantasy doesn’t grow wings to fly
into your empty dreams. Neither do your texts make her come back.

If you gulp a cocktail of lust, loneliness
and pineapple juice.
It tastes like her nipples.