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Podcast Review: 2 Pesewas

Podcast Description: 2 Pesewas is a weekly podcast hosted by Edi and Peaches. Broadcasting from DS Media in Tema, Ghana, the ladies discuss a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to love and discover, and things that make you say WTF?! Each episode ends with a segment called “2 Pesewas”, where the ladies weigh in on a topic of their choosing. Unapologetically honest, incisive, and humourous, there’s never a dull moment on 2 Pesewas. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Youtube and TuneIn. I came across this podcast Wednesday night through Fruits of Love that lists tropical fruits and their health benefits for our sex lives based on an episode of this podcast. Some of these tropical fruits of love are bananas, watermelons, ginger, soursop, tangerine. These fruits contain high levels of zinc, manganese, folate (B9) and potassium. A woman’s body prepares itself for sex more quickly if zinc levels are high.  Did you know Ginger and Soursop contain nutrients that improve blood circulation to sex organs, libido, vision, hair growth and pain relief?

I listened to Season 2, Episode 19: Emotional Bank Account/ Vaginal Health and couldn’t agree more with their 2 Pesewas! Leave your vagina alone! Its a self cleansing organ. You can wash your vulva with soap but rinse your vagina with warm water only. Douching usually causes an imbalance in your vagina. Keeping your promises, being kind to yourself and others help your emotional bank account stay healthy. Run away from emotional vampires who drain you without giving back. I smiled when Peaches recommended Yuna’s Crush and Labrinth’s Jealous. It was nice to get new music, albums and artistes recommends from Edi. I already love Max Herre- 1ste Liebe ft Joy Denalane. The  WTF? Segment shows humans daily find ways to do outrageous things unregulated by law. The next day I continued Season 2,Episode 18: Tips for Upgrading your life/the Perfect Pot. The News really had me think conspiracy theories about the Chinese construction companies in Nigeria. Also about the economic hold Asian companies and foreign lender may have over Nigeria. Oh it didn’t help I’m writing my review of What It Means When A Man falls from the Sky by Leslie Nneka Arimah. It’s title story is set in a flooded earth where Africa accommodates Europe at the cost of its political and financial independence. Episode 18 offers pearls of wisdom and refers platform where you can learn daily. I can swear by Medium. In life, regular practice improves skills. This beats researching how to do something without frequent practice (ie. the parable of the perfect pot).

2 Pesewas is informative, engaging, blunt, witty and thought provoking. I enjoyed listening. It’s a fun but well researched. The co-hosts, Peaches and Edi discuss serious issues, trash discrimination of all sorts . They give applicable solutions to problems instead of problem bashing. These women are Gems for the new music of the week segment.  The songs that play in the background while its discussed is a time saving touch. Give Kirani AYAT, Sauti Sol and Sun EL, a listen! I appreciate their eloquence, intelligence, humor and objectiveness. They really have beautiful voices and the recording is crisp. I binge listened to it Thursday evening while cooking, painting my toes and twisting my moisturized hair into Bantu Knots.

Can you give their Podcast a listen and let me know what you think?


Book Podcast Review: MisRead

“MisRead is a book podcast where we review books, discuss topics and provide social commentary on what’s happening today” is the description of this amazing book podcast. Its available on Soundcloud and iTunes. I came across it through The Gentle Women Book Club on Instagram.

Season 2 Ep1: Alexander Arthurs on “How to Love A Jamaican” and do Jamaicans agree. This short story collection review increased my interest in visiting Jamaica. Nigerian mothers are also overly protective. Here a child is always their child. I love living like the indigenes of a place I visit.
I also listened to Ep1: Junot Diaz Controversy, Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi. This made me frown, ponder and laugh. I feel Freshwater is fiction that captures Igbo mystic realism perfectly. Ogbanjes are spiritual human beings in Nigeria. I do agree that we should be accountable for our actions as adults. Regardless of our childhood traumas.

I love the hosts, Cassie and Jolene voices. How they both articulated their opinions was soothing. My sis who sat to watch me eat (my appetite flew away while working on my LL.B project) then stopped her music to listen to the podcast. Because I kept responding to the hosts. Lool. Plus I love the different black experiences they both bring to the podcast. I’m in Nigeria, a multi-ethnic gem. It isn’t everyday I listen to Jamaican goddesses who live in Canada. Well done with MisRead!

Can you give their Book Podcast a listen and let me know what you think?

*This review was originally published on my bookstagram.


#LitListens: The Baboon War by Nnedi Okorafor

Every weekend the Book Gems Club picks a book podcast or short audio fiction to listen and discuss.

Book Gems Club picked The Baboon War by Nnedi Okorafor from LeVar Burton Reads book podcast for its first #LitListens.

The Baboon War by Nnedi Okorafor is African magical realism piece, a sub genre of African Literature. The short story is about a group of schoolgirls that have a disturbing and life-altering encounter with the animal kingdom. “The Baboon War” appears in Nnedi Okorafor’s collection KABU KABU. This story won with 15 votes against 4 votes for The Last Cheng Beng Gift by Jaymee Goh. We got around to discussing this short audio fiction Monday evening.  The picture below has our discussion questions.

Emem and her friends had a 10 days war with baboons over the girls’ passage through a bush short cut to school in the mornings. My thoughts shared during our Book Gems Club discussion include:

  1. The story made me feel scared, thrilled and joyous.
  2.  I really like Emem. Her unrelenting friends remind me of my book girlfriends. I like her stunned older sis and worried father who didn’t woop her ass. I feel the baboons were my least favourite characters. Even though they were the perfect, unpredictable villains.
  3. The imagery and setting were quite vivid! I felt the mud on their socks, my afro get wet, my stomach grumbled with hunger when theirs did. I can travel there just to see everywhere and the graceful king of baboons.
  4.  LeVar Burton turns me on when he reads. When he gets into character it makes the listen more enjoyable. Very articulate podcast even with the music.
  5. I liked the varying point of views. The 3rd person, Emem’s elder sister and Emem herself. Their narrations made the plot full.
  6. Wait, it still amazes me that they got beaten and robbed for over a week lowkey. A full fledged war was happening so close and no one noticed. The stupid bracelet wasn’t even why they were beaten. The defeat gift that pulsed on the table. Is it the key to walking the bush path without harassment? It crossed my mind that the charging baboons defending their paths, are similar to area boys in Lagos who tax cars that pass their short cuts.
  7. Defend your food at all costs!!! Sometimes you have to be more intense than your opposition. When diplomacy doesn’t work..fight dirty o.
  8. Definitely, Nnedi is the queen of African magical realism!
  9.  5 stars!!!!!

I enjoyed the hilarious, insightful answers of other Gems shared during the discussion.  You can give it a listen here and let me know what you think of this story.

Listening to a Book Podcast

Podcast and Clean is the new Netflix and chill they say. Some types of book podcast include; those that reviews books, those that discuss books, social commentary, those that follow the literary scene, those that read short fiction.

Play a book podcast doing these:

  1. Cleaning up your house
  2. Twisting your natural hair or weave in rollers
  3. During morning exercise or at the gym
  4. During your commute, on a danfo, while driving or stuck in traffic.
  5. During a sleep-over or before bed
  6. While Eating but be careful not to choke with laughter.
  7. While editing your drafts, LL.B project, work stuff

I’d be sharing my thoughts on various book podcasts I listen, learn and enjoy with you Gem.