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Stolen Bad Luck

Stolen bad luck makes me feel empty.

It makes me feel sad. Why would someone steal away all my bad luck for the beginning year? It’s upsetting that something so tragic happened at my favourite ice-cream parlor.


There is this void I feel when I remember I have no phone to connect with the world and my safe spaces online.

Stolen bad luck took my beautiful pictures, quirky videos, curated contacts, starred WhatsApp chats and fantastic ebooks.

On the bright side, I have been able to see how much having a mobile device influenced my habits and time.

I still gingerly take each day as it comes. I’m not brazen because I have no bad luck left in 2018.

I’m sad but hopeful for what the future holds.

PS: Until I get a new phone I won’t publish stories, reviews or send out newsletters as frequently. 


What does one do when reality threatens a magical experience? “Well”, I state tilting my square jaw sideways. “Oftentimes I’m realistic. Other times I’m optimistic. But I always have my eyes open”. I nod at the younger woman.

“Have your eyes open, why? My chin relaxes as I smile. The movement makes my brown bob tickle the sides of my neck. “I open my eyes to see and enjoy the wonder of the magical experience!” I exclaim.  Continuing, I say, “so it was magical. If you want to wait out reality. Have some more magic girl.”

Slavery In 2017

Everyone is talking, writing, crying, texting, posting, twitting about it.

It’s on everyone’s feed and timelines.

Gory pictures, shocking facts and a scary dehumanizing reality is splashed across social media.

Africa. Yet again.

Everyone is heartbroken with thunder struck heart shaped emojis accompanying their posts.

Why? IN 2017? Africans?

Everyone is asking.

Everyone is shouting, petitioning, posting..



Everyone and ME.

I am shocked, sickened, saddened, scared like everyone.

I signed Amara Kanu’s petition with renewed fervor hours after the news, its horrors and implications uncorked a bottle of bubbling anger foaming with dread.

I don’t just question, I demand solutions. I don’t just seek answers but find evasive solutions.

Why? Because they are migrant. Migrants. Guests. Libya ignored the African hospitality given to guests. African hospitality does not involve chains, guns, sexual abuse, beatings, bleeding, disappearance, unpaid labour, kidnap, death or slavery. “Yes, it’s your land but it’s mine too. Ours.”-iamthatpj.

IN 2017? Yes, the perpetrators use the celebrated machinery of this future to drag our black brothers and sisters into a dark past.

Africans? As one Instagram post wisely injected “Now we know that slave trade and human degradation has nothing to do with skin colour, race or religion. Award winning short stores and novels tell daunting tales of Nigerians who deceive, enslave and sell unsuspecting fellow countrymen  “(im)migrants” into sex trafficking and slavery.

Missing. Every day for over two weeks the Nigerian government and International Migration Organization return at least 200 missing youths. As Chimamanda Adiche wrote in one of the short stories of The Thing Around Your Neck “we should have prayed for her peaceful rest and not just her return”. Because among our youths, our dead youths are bring returned.

“Life can be a sad place”, I cry. Crying out for justice, exposure, repair. Crying we stop slavery and slave auctions in Libya. Crying digitally through texts, petitions, likes, reposting, writing. My bottle of anger and dread flow like everyone’s. Everyone is demanding solutions. Nigerians, Africans, the World, ME.



PS: Add your signature to the campaign by signing this petition.  UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING : Stop the modern day slavery of Migrants. Bring back our Youths from Libya.

Sochi’s Travel Bucket

Dearest Travel Bucket,

I have learnt money is a tool. Most people say money is power. Well, yeah. I can see where they are coming from. Money is a tool to get a lot of things. Things like power, material possessions, options, freedom, true revelation of character, building futures and fun!

Money is a guest. Give it Nigerian hospitality it will stay and become wealth. Mistreat the guest and it will leave you in average poverty. It’s about the money habits you show this guest.
Like everything in life, money doesn’t independently exist without influence. Money comes with touching fingers and sacrifice.
Money is figures. Money is value. We all know expensive isn’t quality.
Expenses are items and experiences money is spent on. Your expenses tell the story of your existence.
I learnt all these over the past seventeen months while doubling my net worth and paying off debt. Yet jotting them down makes my days of enthusiastic change seem philosophical.
Another email reminder about the awesomeness I’ll be missing popped into my inbox. A regretful sigh escaped my red lips. The metallic looking slim box beside the bright orange notebook started blinking red dots. My sad chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes ignored the silver phone and got lost in thought.
Sochi can’t travel ooo. Chai! A travel year without a trip is a first. It was a decision that took two weeks to make.
All the time, money, energy, research, excitement it took to revamp the Ikorodu-Lagos Expressway is what it took to plan the trip to Mauritius. Unlike the operational road which is breathtaking. Especially when communters zoom home under spiral orange dotted skies. My getaway won’t be happening. Why? My digital figures in the mutual fund  show my inability to save enough.
“Everything can be achieved when you bucket”. Hadn’t that been what my favourite personal finance blog had said. What’s a money bucket? It’s when you take money away from your income in bits into an interest generating account for something you want to purchase. A foreign idea at first but now I have a travel bucket, I have you. I’m deeply saddened I won’t have my ‘congratulations for a successful 2015’ getaway. All those sunscreen and beachwear would have to be unpacked.
August 2015
Dearest Travel Bucket,
I have learnt to always make the most of life. Remember I said money is a tool to get options? Certainly I won’t be here surrounded by interesting people at sunny Casa Del Papa, Benin Republic. If I didn’t sign up for a Social Prefect Tour. So it isn’t Mauritius but I did my #OutofNaijaTrip year. I pursued another option I could afford. I must say group travel isn’t bad at all. I am having the most amazing time. The bewitching art market, delicious food, airy beaches are all breathtaking. I have purchased a few souvenirs and miniature artworks for my apartment.
September 2015
Dearest Travel Bucket,
“Happy New Year!”, I scribble down in my Money Journal with excitement. Continuing with my Money conversation I write on. “Sochi has another travel year which will happen. Because its a month to the trip and I have hit the bucket limit. In other words I have completely saved up for the trip. Sun City, South Africa. have a Valentine date next month with Sun City. It hasn’t been easy.  Increasing my income source has helped me pay off debts, invest in asset accumulation and fund my lifestyle. Now my money is mine.”
January 2017