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Reading Update: In The Nude by Logan February

In The Nude is a collection of poems that makes one feel elevated and ponder on survival, loss, death & life, (gender and sexual) queerness, intimacy, homophobia, patriarchy, mental health care, religion (toxic Christianity, Yoruba Goddesses)

Its poems are multilayered with numerous themes.

I’ve named the deceased

&counted my limbs amongst theirs.

Resurrection is a holier thing than rebirth.

The exhumation.

– Exhumation

At the end I feel like I was encouraged to move about parts of myself to look inside and introspect like the personas did. I love how the refined, colourful language. Yoruba words were used frequently. This made me think of my Mum. I came across new words also.

Abíkú be deathless, or death itself.


The collection is divided into 3 parts. I honestly had to reread a poem twice. Then come back to it to get how each lines resonates with me. Sometimes my mind reads the poems in Logan’s voice.

The hand of my dear friend beautifully adorned with lali from Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria. See how it matches ‘Journey Conversations’ cover art by Victor Ehikhamenor.

Me, with you, out at night, bathing

in the clear diamonds that fall instead of rain.


Your warm spring mouth& all of its thrills,

your hands melded to my hot skin,

your heartbeat—my own firing squad.


Gluttony, Fuckboys, The Slut’s Prayers, Hive, Boy Loita are my favourites pieces so far.

Dear God,

do you know how cold it gets,

how hard it is to find good dick?

-The Slut’s Prayers

Hive was an unexpected but delightful poem peeping into two women’s intimate moments.

But here in the open, they are open.

A woman’s body unfurls like spilled honey


I also read this on my train ride to Kaduna after I landed at Abuja. I clicked my fingers, chuckled, blushed, grinned and cried a bit.

I’ve been in Kaduna since 27th spending time with my Dad and his family. I’ll be around long enough to attend the Kaduna Book and Arts Festival (11th-14th September 2019).

Every time one of our bodies hits

The ground, the earth quakes.

There is not enough earth to go around.

Nigeria, the aromatic garden,

where daisies ate yanked an clipped at the neck.

-Various Pulses (made my eyes tear up).

The imagery is cinematic. Logan’s food erotic style got me almost licking my fingers after flipping the pages.

Some enlightening poems explore Queer erotica(Gluttony), Gender queerness, Mental health; Care, Medication, Self harm (Pitanga, Cataclysm, Dirty Blood), Death and Rebirth (Dúrójayé) in ways I haven’t experienced them.