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If you’re interested in advertising a link to your website or products in one of my widely read posts.

Would you like me to proofread or edit your erotica for a small fee?

Or you want me to advertise/review your literary editorial, anthology and products (book boxes, candles, book gloves/sleeves, bookmarks, tshirts)

If you enjoyed reading my work and you’re interested in featuring my writing in your publication, magazine, anthology, collection, etc.

I am open to collaborations. Send me an email to the address below.

Review Policy

Please read this review policy before emailing or shipping me (e)books.

Submissions: Send a ‘Review Request’ email stating;

Book title,

Book cover, if an ebook

Author’s name, Bio, Website and Social media links,

Book blurb or synopsis,

Genres and Tags,

Publishing House,

Publication date,

Links to purchase online or Information about bookstores who sell and deliver the book in Nigeria.

Conditions: I have the discretion to accept or reject a review request. If I accept to review the book. Advanced Readers Copy/ Already Published Copy (either ebook or print) can be sent to the (email) address provided in my ‘Acceptance’ mail. The sender covers shipping costs. If I dont accept the book, I’ll refer you to another literary enthusiasts who might.

Time: My reviews are published 3-5 weeks after the book is received. My completely honest thoughts will be published.

Genres I Accept: (Queer)Romance, (Queer) Erotica, African Literature, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, African Comics. Poetry.

Amethyst Saw Review Template: My reviews are structured in the following way.

Book Photo shot by me or someone else (referenced). Other pictures will be infused into the review.

Book Title as post name. Book Title and Author’s name.

Favourite Quote(1-3): come under book title and author’s name. Anymore are infused into the review.

My praise for the book. Can be quoted.

Book Blurb/Synopsis/ Description

Summary of my feelings and thoughts about the book. Analysis of the plot and characters

Themes and Lessons

Rating and Recommendation. Links to Purchase the book online/ information about bookstores that sell & deliver across Nigeria.

More Info: Info about the Author, Publishers, Book Publication Info and other works by the author

Ratings: (Fireworks)

1- Poor

2- Average

3- Good

4- Very Very Good

5- Excellent

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