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I asked my readers, those who have read, enjoyed, been impacted and shared my stories and reviews on the blog from May 27th 2017 up to the last minute, what they have to say about Amethyst Saw, my quirky creative narrative.

This is what they have to say:

There is this pull about your writing..amazing. Well done. – Oreoluwa Eunice, Poet, Literary Blogger, Author.

This is everything that is beautiful. -Hermes Iyele, Dancer and Athlete.

Love your writing style and choice of words. – O.O Akinyele, Writer.

I’ve learnt quite a lot from your content on and off the blog and I must say that your insightful views and free writing are much appreciated and so far, they never fall short! -Kemi Brown, Entrepreneur

Happy 2nd Blogiversary, Keep writing! -Penthusia Media Ltd, Publishers

I opened the blog this morning when I got to the chamber, been a while but I could never forget Silk Sheets category and Zaza.
Still, always an enjoyable read, ‘descriptive’ is now synonymous to Amethyst. -Dare, Law Graduate

I read your reviews, they are beautiful. -S. A, Law Graduate.

Hey Hey,
Congratulations on the Blog’s Anniversary.

Discovered the blog almost by accident but it’s been a wonderful experience reading through it over the last month or so. While I very much appreciate the book reviews and the lovely aesthetic you come up with in blog posts, I’ve been mostly intrigued by the musings and words of a sex-positive, plus-size and queer female in modern Nigeria; something I’d never come across during my search one time for genuinely honest works that focus on the African Erotic.

I hope and pray you continue to grow and make the magic only you know how to make.

– Nnamdi Komlan-Dodoh, Writer

Never stop writing. I love your work -Kunbi Bello, Blogger.

Happy Blogiversary Gem. May your creative juices never run dry. May we always continue to drink from the delicious stream that is Amethyst Saw blog. -Ella Chikezie, Poet, Film Maker, Blogger.

Cheers to more creativity!- The Diaries of a Seeker, Writer and Photographer.

Wow I’m impressed with your work. Its very descriptive and you manage to build a world and a very detailed image in my mind with very few words. Definitely keep doing your thing. – Sarah Mazza, Bookstagrammer and Author.

Adaeze Feyisayo is an incredible writer, this is definitely not an opinion but a fact. We worked on an editorial project which was titled “Desert Rose”. Adaeze wrote the most beautiful piece on it describing the African woman and I remember clearly how I had goosebumps going through the first draft. Whatever Magic Adaeze does when she writes is definitely one worth keeping. Keep writing, keep creating Adaeze! The world is yet to know your name

Humphrey Ominisan, Photographer, High End Retoucher and Visual Artist

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