Bookie Life Update: 26.11.19 My Call to Bar Ceremony

On 26th November 2019 at the Nigerian Law School Bwari, Abuja I was called to the Bar.🥳 Your Gem was called to the Nigerian Bar with distinctions. Yh, this bookie knows small book.🥳
On 27th I enrolled at the Supreme Court of Nigeria as a Barrister and Solicitor.

‘Everyone has their time. Yours will come into itself when it should. Be patient and proactive.’

Words my Mum told me over 6 years ago when my educational career took unexpected detours. My life generally has been a journey that keeps surprising me. I’m grateful for the many people, experiences and books I’ve met along the way.

Thank you for accompanying my adventures and enjoying my content as I juggled Law School at Yola. I appreciate your support Gem.

I encourage you not to give up. Cheers to new beginnings🥂


Remember, time rewards consistency.

27 Nov 2018 I flew out of Lagos to resume at Yola Law School Campus.

First day at Nigerian Law School, Yola. A senior colleague and namesake who graduated from Yola said I should make history. I guess I did.

Thank for reading and your well wishes.

My Book Date at The Cube Cafe, Abuja with Caramel

What do I love more than books, colours, nature and cute little things? Hanging out with a Gem at a book-filled cafe nestled in a garden and colorful Maitama amusement park.

Sunset Cube Album features sunset glow pictures from my hang out with Fatima at The Cube, Maitama Abuja. I met Fatima, my Caramel at ALitFest19 back in June. She attended AkeFest19 and we had a fabuously, fun time and shoot at the Art Gallery. It was immense fun to hang out with her while in Abuja doing my Call to Bar Screening.

Caramel and I(Glow baby) had honest and intimate conversations on our envisioned future, AkeFest19, The Cube, NYSC, current reads, queerness and the pictures we took haha)

The Cube has a gorgeous garden outside with flowers, young trees, shrubs, ferns, potted succulents, wooden benches, Ankara aesthetics and more.

Inside is cozy with wide range of books you can read. You can read, write and code here all afternoon! Their menu has hot & cold beverages (N1,200 upwards no VAT) and snacks.

We ordered pineapple juice (N1,500 each)

Dope playlist ✔️ Anyone can play their music for the cafe.

Free WiFi ✔️

Polite staff ✔️

Relaxing ambience ✔️

Gorgeous Decor ✔️

I looovveee the dark art/massive chalk inscribed board, books, African fabrics, book filled decor honestly.

The cute sugar pot

Books can break sugar pots y’all! I wanted to take pictures of books Fatima brought with her. The books fell on their backs and pushed the sugar pot off table. It broke and I felt so terrible. I kept saying, ‘I’m sorry but too poor to buy a new one’.🥺 The lady attending to us swept up the mess. I didn’t have to pay for it. I felt so terrible because it was so cute. Fatima made a video, it’s on my Instagram. Please don’t break anything when you visit.

Thanks Gem for looking through our Caramel x Glow Baby Sunset Cube Album and review of The Cube Café.

ALitFest 2019

I attended ALitFest 2019 hosted by the Abuja Literary Society from 11th-13th of July 2019 at Exhibition Pavilion, Area 10, Garki.

The festival had creative guests, writers, bookstores, literary enthusiasts, vendors enjoy Panel discussions, Book Reading, Wedlock of the Gods stage adaptation, Arts auction, Poetry slam and Music performance.

My friends, Amaka, Logan, Tolu were guests of the festival. I was esctactic hugging and laughing with them and also watching them on panels.

“The 21st Century Nigerian man is learning everyday how to be human.”-Tolu Daniel

Panelist, The 21st Century Nigerian man #ALitFest19

Poetry Slam

I attended a little part of the interesting Poetry Slam, the evening of 12th July. From social commentary poems to a scintillating erotic poem about Banga soup to poems about betrayal to love poems. Two volunteers from Lipfest18 were in the poetry slam with lyrical poems. I shared videos in my I.G story highlights.

Panel Discussions

Saturday 13th, I attended 4 panel discussions, 2 in full and 2 in part. I unlearned, released and learnt.

“We have a wrong perception of a sexual perpetrator, it isn’t a man but a human. A victim is human.” -Dorothy

Panelist, #NigeriaToo- Sexual Harrassment in Nigeria’s public & private spaces

The 21st Century Nigerian man is a man who is constantly at war with himself and at war with the society. Self actualization is important for this man but in the context of family -Michael

Writer and Comment made from audience.

Art Auction

I also networked, walked through the Art Auction and discussed with two artists.

Bookstores and Book shopping

Logan February was kind to autograph my copy of his full length poetry collection.

Books at the RovingHeights Bookstore stand.

The Booksellers Limited stand

I shopped these two books for my dear reader and divalicious friend who values my recommendations. She wanted more African Queer Fiction after reading Stab Love with Flower Stalks. I got autographed copies of ‘In The Nude’ by Logan February and ‘Lákíríboto Chronicles’ by Ayodele Olofintuade. I worked within her budget also!

New Friends!

It was a delight getting introduced to Ope Adedeji, creative non-fiction writer and TJ Benson, writer and author. I met Fatima and her sister. Also Onyinye who were great conversationalists and fellow literary enthusiasts.

If you can attend any literary festival, please do!

Abuja-Yola Flight Read: Lákíríboto Chronicles

Lakiriboto Chronicles by Ayodele Olofintuade


A brief history of badly behaved women. Morieba, Moremi,Kudirat and Tola were victims of Alagbado clan’s long-held tradition of silence, connivance and duplicity, until Raufu Alagbado(aka OloriEbi, Raffie the Razor) sets off a series of events in an attempt to make his dead sister’s Will permanently disappear. Murder, betrayal, revenge..a woman’s body is a crime scene.

Reading Update

The book kicks off with the death of Alhaja and Moremi learning how to mourn and how society can make one invisible. We also meet Tolu a woman who is healing from a C-section delivery, not leaving her bed ignoring her new born baby and family. There is a guardian demon..I’m excited about this book. I had to buy a personal copy at ALitFest 2019.

Have you heard or read this book? Comment your thoughts Gem.

Guess whose back?! *in Nadia Rose’s voice* Its weird to hear rain in Yola caused an hour flight delay. 3rd term of Nigerian Law School begins, pray for me Gems.

My Max Air Experience

My Dad was excited to book with them because they are new airline. They made mistake registering my name which wasn’t corrected. However it was highlighted to boarding staff. I boarded hitch free. None of my belongings are missing or were tampered with. I enjoyed the MaxAir Flight and pastries. But not the initial turbulence or plane noise. Their ticketing staff were cordial though. I’m thankful for journey mercies. Now I have to unpack and settle into campus.

Have a splendid week ahead Gem!