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Every time I hold back from giving love my body cramps. Each breath I take hurts.

You don’t reciprocate my efforts. Monotonous ‘I love yous’.

The cramps hurt my heart, in my womb, everywhere. But its the only way I stop the resentment.

Hold back. Hurt.

Hold back.

I should say, ‘I release you’ like Carol.

But I’d rather cry about our dying love and constantly check for double blue ticks and missed calls.

Why can’t you just let me mourn in peace. Let me go. Since you refuse to leave. Let me go.

Release me. I’m hurting

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My Book Date at The Cube Cafe, Abuja with Caramel

What do I love more than books, colours, nature and cute little things? Hanging out with a Gem at a book-filled cafe nestled in a garden and colorful Maitama amusement park.

Sunset Cube Album features sunset glow pictures from my hang out with Fatima at The Cube, Maitama Abuja. I met Fatima, my Caramel at ALitFest19 back in June. She attended AkeFest19 and we had a fabuously, fun time and shoot at the Art Gallery. It was immense fun to hang out with her while in Abuja doing my Call to Bar Screening.

Caramel and I(Glow baby) had honest and intimate conversations on our envisioned future, AkeFest19, The Cube, NYSC, current reads, queerness and the pictures we took haha)

The Cube has a gorgeous garden outside with flowers, young trees, shrubs, ferns, potted succulents, wooden benches, Ankara aesthetics and more.

Inside is cozy with wide range of books you can read. You can read, write and code here all afternoon! Their menu has hot & cold beverages (N1,200 upwards no VAT) and snacks.

We ordered pineapple juice (N1,500 each)

Dope playlist ✔️ Anyone can play their music for the cafe.

Free WiFi ✔️

Polite staff ✔️

Relaxing ambience ✔️

Gorgeous Decor ✔️

I looovveee the dark art/massive chalk inscribed board, books, African fabrics, book filled decor honestly.

The cute sugar pot

Books can break sugar pots y’all! I wanted to take pictures of books Fatima brought with her. The books fell on their backs and pushed the sugar pot off table. It broke and I felt so terrible. I kept saying, ‘I’m sorry but too poor to buy a new one’.🥺 The lady attending to us swept up the mess. I didn’t have to pay for it. I felt so terrible because it was so cute. Fatima made a video, it’s on my Instagram. Please don’t break anything when you visit.

Thanks Gem for looking through our Caramel x Glow Baby Sunset Cube Album and review of The Cube Café.

Meet these Incredible Nigerian Writers: Ifeoma Nnewuihe and Mòje Ikpeme

Spotlight Reads of 2 pieces by these incredible writers I recently discovered on Twitter.

Ifeoma Nnewuihe

Spotlight Reads

“Money goads my father,/
As she sits coyly in the palms of other men/
My father thinks they are undeserving of her”
Money Is The Long Lost Love Of My Father

‘You are a body of stories waiting to be told/
You are the laughter in your mother’s eyes/
You are an unrepeatable miracle’


These poems are truly fantastic and uplifting. They are familiar yet new. Its delightful reading these and the other two poems published also by Kalahari Review.

Know Ifeoma

Ifeoma is a Nigerian writer living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. I met her at the Ouida Open mic last Thursday of September, Ifeoma is unforgettable. She has a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in English and Literary Studies from the University of Lagos. In her spare time, Ifeoma draws and engages in sports. She will eat 200 mangoes if you let her. Follow her on Twitter @thouartifeoma

Mòje Ikpeme

Spotlight Reads

‘Time passes and Sam is right after all. The nakedness of souls gets deeper after the nakedness of clothes.’

Nakedness. Or a Woman is (Not) her Vagina.

“You will also tell him about feet, how you believed a person was their feet. Wasn’t it the foot that traveled the world with us? It must some how carry the sum of a person’s journey.”

Butt Feet.

I love how his writing style tells a story with a patient, compassionate and humorous tone. This made me get to through surprising twists and reveals with a range of emotions. Nakedess. Or a Woman is (Not) her Vagina is a masterpiece on intimacy and how we can use it to know, heal or deny trauma. In Butt Feet, which is his first story I read, I couldn’t help but emphasize with our grieving heroine ‘curvy visa’ and laugh at the comical events.

Know Mòje

I met Mòje at #KabaFest19. He had a diverse, eccentric playlist, colorful anklets and wealth of knowledge of books. His stories are published on his Medium. Mòje is a writer, photographer, graphic artist, painter, also literary polygamist and reluctant male. He lives and works in Lagos. Follow him on Twitter @mojeikpeme

Thanks for meeting them and their incredible works Gem!

Poetry Album Spotlight: Swim by Titilope Sonuga

SWIM is a poetry album, talented Titlope Sonuga released on 4th October. She had shared some remarkable teaser videos on Twitter before its release.

SWIM is a soul balm for you. It’s an ocean of healing truths poured out of love and journey through time. You can wade in it until you are soothed or drowned in yourself.

7 Healing Lines from SWIM

“Remember rock bottom is always a good place to start rebuilding.”

“The woman is busy
She is in conversations with god
Translating the blue print of creation”

“Baby, I cannot be your life jacket,
Your panic will sink us both.
But if you’re still enough to listen to me,
I’ll teach you how to swim.”

10 things somebody should have taught me:
1. Do not romanticize suffering. There’s nothing poetic about a love that breaks your spirit.
2. Know when to leave. Some bridges need to be burned. Use the light to find a better way.
3. Practice forgiveness. Start with yourself.4. Say no. Do not negotiate with terrorists. Do not bargain for anyone’s love.
5. Friendships end. Let go. Stay open.
6. Save emotional real estate for the ones that will stay. Be soft. Be a safe space for the ones that you love.
7. Create time for yourself. Create something that will outlive you.
8. Do things that move your spirit. Laugh. Cry. Pray.
9. Love yourself as urgently and as completely as you want to be loved
10. Becoming is hard work. Staying the same is even harder.

‘The woman is not your right of passage’

‘The woman is not your youthful mistake.’

“I haunt the house where we planted roses on the roof,turn our love letters into daggers, I disappear the children we did not have, the ribbon in their hair crumble to dust in my hand…I join the legion of broken heart women who tumble into the earth.”

The beautiful cover picture was photographed by Victor Adewale. I’m immensely proud of his work.

Stream it today on Apple Music today.

I’d love to know your thoughts and favourite lines or poems.

Thank you Titilope Sonuga!