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Every night before bed my lover’s mouth writes an essay.

Sometimes his tongue swirls words of admiration and lust on my skin.

But last night he read me his heart through the phone. I’d been crying the past few weeks during our calls.

Last night I didn’t sob, “I miss you! I want to come home. My body hungers for your touch.”

Last night I whispered honey fulfilment into his ears. In return he told me not of his day, or traffic or numerous political theories. He told me words like molten chocolate.

Delicious. Decadent. Dripping.

Arousing compliments and orgasmic reassurance. I unabashedly moaned and sighed.

Every night I sleep off on a phone call. I’m grateful to be satiated and satisfied. Adoringly patted to sleep by his chuckles as I deny dozing off. His soothing voice caressing my chubby cheeks.


Yellow Streaks


I miss my Lagos apartment, its windows lined with small jars of lush plants. How they whisper positivity at a glance.

I miss the bustling yellow streaks of Lagos. How it accomodates numerous dreams.

I miss the colourful flowers that grow from concrete slabs, rain ponds and rubbish heaps. How they teach you to be graceful in every phase.

I miss the vibrant yellow of my home city.