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The Drunken Writer reviews STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS

The Stab Love with Flower Stalks Blog Tour has kicked off with this heart warming review by The Drunken Writer.

Ezinne Ogwumah (Author, Self Apology), Poet and Blogger at The Drunken Writer has me dancing about my bedroom work desk with my heart crying.

Her review captures her experience of Stab Love with Flower Stalks. I’m humbled with how she relates and interprets its emotional depth on love, queerness and erotic sensuality.


June #PoetryILove Selection.

Every month I feature poems that speak to me,whispers wisdom and are thought provoking in my #POETRYILOVE widget at the page’s bottom.

“we made our feast. The oil/
golden with spices, the skillet’s/
wicked, dissolving whisper/
reminding us of every old burn./
Savor of warm flesh”

This June’s Selection is ‘Husband is the Loveliest Word by Logan February published on Palette Poetry.

I love its sensuality and food erotic, wow!


“Legacy refers to any personal, movable gift in a will.”

I’m revising Wills today. Getting to types of legacies got me thinking. As bibliophiles we spend our time reading and acquiring books.

Books are gateway to adventure. Who gets our legacy of books when we die? Think About it.

📗Will you give certain books as specific legacies to some people.

📚Will your books be general legacies donated to charities that cater to educational needs.

📕Or will you have an auction of limited/signed/first print editions to the public?

📚Or will you prefer to be cremated with your favourite pages or whole books?

📒Or will you have your library made a segment at your local library which will be paid from your Will to house that segment?

Comment below if you will do any or all of these or something else. I’d love to know.

Spotlight Read: Femme in Question

Femme In Question by Chebet Fatab

This is a vivid, fragrant voyage of planets and stars of hair and scarves in one galaxy of a room. I found this piece delightful.

It is a sci-fi twist to an African hair story which answers many questions. We are shown in this story that the wearer of this galaxy which we journey through cares for her hair but falters. It also answers, what does her hair look like underneath her scarf or hijab.

At the foot of her bed, there’s a red and green headscarf that reeks of beeswax and shea butter. Its tied in a careful knot, hot against white sheets. Beeswax, shea butter and sweat. The scents stay trapped in the tight satin threading like General Zod stuck in the shard Phantom Zone. They stay trapped until they can earn the deaths for their door to the outside world. But if you hold the material to your nose and inhale, you can smell galaxies of baby hair and planets of heavy strands twisted by fingers and stars fizzling from scalp massages. And if you breathe in again you can smell headaches and aching palms from empty planets where there aren’t any hands at all

Read it here published by AsEqual Africa.

More info..

Visit Chebet Fataba blog or connect on Twitter: @fatabak

Photo by Isatou Elitesha Jallow. Twitter: elite_sha. Instagram: @elitesha_.