anxiety and things that shatter

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In every poem I write about you,
I ask the skies to lend me her brilliance.
No not the stars–
they quiver when I ask.

-Yet Another for Anxiety,

Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

I love this stanza from a heartfelt poem to Anxiety. I like how the persona talks to anxiety about the length of their relationship. I’ve been reading this poetry collection at bedtime. Yet Another for Anxiety reminded me of this picture I shot against the Kaduna sky.

Reading Update: Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

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This poetry collection is divided into three parts; Part I-Anxiety, Part II- Shatter, Part III- Rehab.

I’m currently reading poems under Anxiety. Did I say wow when I introduced this poetry collection here? Wow!

The imagery is animated and alive!

like silk turbans possessed/

by a sandstorm


The tone of the poems here are anxious, reflective, often fast paced.

You hold me like an anchor,
like suicide ropes hold their beloved
without fear for the soul sleeping silently within.
And this soul rests like rosewater

• • •

Your words strike me like a knife in my chest
dragged up to my throat,
stuck underneath my chin,
but yet all I bleed is indecision


This excerpt from What Doesn’t Kill You, made me respectfully pause and click my fingers;

Sometimes what doesn’t kill you
let’s you live
to watch a part of you die.

There are some poems I will reread another day to decipher. But so far I’m enjoying how some unexpected or mundane experiences are painted.

And the neighbour’s child said
she sprinkled sugar on her bed sheets
because she wanted to have sweet dreams.


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Spotlight Read: Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

Book Blurb

Anxiety and Things that Shatter is a collection of poetry about an endless journey through anxiety, pain and the process of healing. The poems featured in this collection are a mix of traditional and spoken word poetry, all selected carefully from 2017 – 2019.


“My anxiety is a high fever without a host–
it floats above my head
like a halo drenched in gasoline,
waiting for my tongue to strike the matchstick
and set fire to the steps and walls
of my mind.”

Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

Vivid, raw and captivating poetry is always a delight.

I’m intrigued with narratives that explore living with anxiety and other mental health disorders as a creative. I explored anxiety alongside sexuality in my debut book, Stab love with Flower Stalks.

A friend shared excerpts from this book and I wanted it so bad. I’m happy to have a copy but I can’t read it yet. I’ve add it to my After-Bar-Finals-Reading-List.

More info..

Words: 9,200.

Language: English.

Published: July 25, 2019, Ebook on Smashwords

Genre/Category: Poetry, Contemporary Poetry

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