Book Lust

All posts where I describe my loving lust for books that I’m reading or yet to read.

Multiple Bloom

I need to sit down somewhere breezy without my thong, chew barbecue pizza slices and reread your erotic story.

I want to have multiple orgasms from its climaxing women and my delicious pizza.

I want my clit to tweak and bloom in response to how their full lips, flicking tongues and moist moans.

Yay! Book Mail

I began this week unexcited until yesterday evening. When I opened the goodies my Mum sent to Yola, I was so excited to see my review copy of Lie to Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten published by Penthusia Media (Nigeria) Ltd. Big warm hugs for @ihi_nosen for her patience and efforts. I appreciate her.


“Lie to me. I’ll believe anything you say…” Seventeen year old Marylyn Zhasa is a very ambitious young girl who has her future all planned out. She meets Dan, a charming fellow student whose own ambition is to get her at any cost. Not the kind of girl to stand by and let things happen, Marylyn puts up her well practiced defences against Dan’s unusual advances, in spite of which she gets sucked into a fast paced world of danger and uncertainty, where plans don’t always work out as expected… … A thrilling tale of passion and ambition set in the fascinating world of a Nigerian University.

How sweet is this note? It’s reassuring that you listen and read my creative content.

I like how this book feels like a paperback romance with its brown paper and size. The chapters are titled Gems! I ♥♥ titled chapters. I can’t wait to read this and share my thoughts. Anyway, it’s back to Civil Litigation lecture on Examination of Witnesses.

Lessons from my 2018 Reads

Reading fiction can teach many life lessons apart from sharing a wonderful story.

Lessons I learnt from my 2018 reads are;
🎁Not to be greedy (A Thousand Beginnings and Endings),

🎁 If you want a job or gig be intentional. Get skills, review your CV,follow up, ask questions, negotiate for favourable terms. If you meet the love of your life at the job, don’t jeopardise your career for D or vajyajay, okay(The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding),

🎁 Soar above shackling reality (Painted Blue with Saltwater by Logan February),

🎁 Fight for your existence, Do NOT Be ERASED!(Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi),

🎁 Be open to having meaningful connections with strangers (Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour),

🎁 Communicate your misgivings with friends or loved ones but be patient.

🎁 Be bold to write untold stories. (#16daysofactivism Poems by Ella Chikezie)

Compliments of Season. Merry Christmas Eve Gem!