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Read Stab Love with Flower Stalks Review and my Guest Post in On The Bridleway.

On the Bridleway succinctly describes the experience my debut collection of riveting love notes offers.

Amethyst Saw paints what love is, what love should be with her collection of poems and short stories. These are beautiful musical notes to lovers calling them to wholeheartedly accept themselves, irrespective of their diverse sexuality and all that makes each one an individual. The lyrical words fill the soul and heart.

Find a Guest Post where I share my thoughts and hopes on

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Stab Love with Flower Stalks is now available on the Okadabooks web store for N800. Simply credit your account, search the book, click Buy then Download to begin reading.

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Weekend Reads And Other Adventures


“The sensual caress of pink silk and fresh sheets.

The rustling fuschia petals hanging over love notes to self.

Your corner of the universe couldn’t be more comforting.”
By Amethyst Saw

Because books are the best breakfast. Current read off my March TBR- Law Textbooks. And some study reward chapters of Lie to Me Dan by Longrin Wetten.


Yesterday, I started and concluded writing a daring, erotic flash story for my manuscript. It’s achingly beautiful seeing ORANGE PETALS AGLOW GLASS SKIES take shape. All I can say is anticipate my debut collection!

BOOK REVIEW: Glorious Sinner by Sherilee Gray

I also finished reading a romance ebook that isn’t on my TBR. Glorious Sinner, A Lawless Kings Novella by Sherilee Gray got me moaning and arrgh hopeful!

It’s the story of Stephanie who narrowly escaped death in an abusive marriage. How she picks herself up and works on healing and regaining a sense of self. In the midst of this is Tomas who took her to the hospital when she was broken and bleeding. He’s a teenage crush of Stephanie but a criminal boss of the city. A sizzling attraction between them grows. Stephanie exotic dances but is worried Tomas only sees her as a wounded woman. Tomas stops his year long patronage of her lap dances because he can’t take waiting for her to move past emptiness. While trying to decide the step forward, Stephanie’s new world is threatened by her stalking, abusive ex-husband. Tomas decides to house her while he tracks down Ryan. Fearful he might loose her like his mother.

While all this is going on we see a strong woman who was gaslighted, belittled and sexually abused regain, confidence, control and pleasure over her sexuality. It was beautiful seeing this journey and watching the characters fall in love. Tomas respects and loves Stephanie and their story ended happily to my satisfaction.
It was a delightful read slattered with combustible sexual tension, intrigue and action. I highly recommend this book with four fireworks!


I reviewed some notes from Week 13 Lectures. Began reading Glorious Sinner by Sherilee Gray.


A talented poet and blogger, Ella Chiekezie debuted a superb spoken word and acoustics video, THE COLOUR OF STRUGGLE.

“Struggle is the colour of blood/ of oil seeping through the cracks”

It’s shot in Lagos, Nigeria and tells the varying stories and colours of people trying their best with life. It urges you to live while soothing acoustics laps over you like the ocean the actors watch in the 2 mins video. Watch this humbling piece and thank me later Gem!

Warm welcome to the new week Gem!

I really wish you safety, productivity and peace.