Come into yourself at your own pace.

-Adaeze Feyisayo


Books and Blogs Shoutout!

Today I remembered the experience of reading this magnificent book last month and meeting Ayodele Olofintuade at ALitFest19. Indescribable experiences! I’ll keep adding notes to my draft. Expect my Lakiriboto Chronicles review after my exams upper week.
PS: the autograph is an inside joke I might share insight to in my review.


Saturdays are for blog hopping! Blog Hopping involves me visiting blogs, reading and shoutout their content!

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Find out Tajmao’s 6 Ways of Choosing Books to Travel With! Which I endorse because I’ve used four tips. My favourite tip is to pick one pocket sized book to pull out a handbag/backpack to read any spare time.

I enjoyed Beauty and Books upbeat review of ‘The Extra by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson‘ that got me reminiscing about My Mum’s Breakup Poison Float.

The Posion Float is a mix of rich chocolate icecream and spread, and Baileys. My mum would mix it up for me to eat after a break up. I get to eat each spoon and say what lesson/experience I’m grateful for, my negative contributions in the relationships and cry about the hurtful things then sleep. It was always therapuetic. It turns out Gabby Mays, the heroine believes her Breakup Icecream Tub fixes everything.

Enjoy the rest of today Gem!

Sweet Joy

I want to eat cotton candy, jump in a bouncing castle holding your hands. Wearing your spirited laughter, a floral body mist over my blonde wig and gown.

I want to watch you licking bubblegum icecream. While I try to blow out the words, ‘I love you’ in air kisses floating to your dimpled smile inches away.

I want to sneak into a bathroom stall behind you. I miss squeezing your breasts. As much as, your breath tickling my double chin.

Its exhilarating wiping your purple lipstick smudge off my teeth while you hug my waist whispering, ‘barrister’. Knowing that later tonight, I can eat your congratulations cake and more..