Reading Update

‘If a way to the Better there be, it exacts a full look at the Worst.’-Thomas Hardy.

From Die of Shame by Mark Billingham

Starting a new book always makes me feel giddy and anxious at the same time. Just like starting a new phase in life. Next week Externship begins and I’ll be leaving Lagos for Abuja. I’m grateful for the two weeks I’ve spent in my yellow home city.

I’ve finished reading The Origin of Butterflies. I’ll be sharing my favorite lines, pictures and thoughts on the blog soon.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your week.

Bookish Swag

Hey Gem, meet the books and candy box I got from Bookish Species’ Blind Date With A Book. Get a new wallpaper at the end!

My mystery book was Die of Shame by Mark Billingham (its in the middle).

Book Synopsis

Six Secrets. Six motives Who did it?

Every Monday evening, six people gather in a smart north London house to talk about addiction. There they share their deepest secrets:stories of lies, regret and, above all, shame.

Then one of them is killed-and it’s clear someone in the circle was responsible. Detective Inspector Nicola Tanner quickly finds her investigation hampered by the group’s strict confidentiality. But what could be shameful enough to cost someone their life? And how do you find the truth when denial and deception are second nature to all suspects?

The other two books I got were:

  • In the Name of Our Father by Olukorede S. Yishau

Two men. One dictator. A country in turmoil. Into this mix is thrown a new novel that threatens to expose the rotten underbelly of “a man of God” who has not only bewitched his flock but has sunk his fangs into the head of state.

In his debut novel, In The Name of Our Father, award winning journalist Olukorede Yishau weaves a mesmerising tale of duty, ambition, greed and hunger for power. It is the story of two men intent on preserving their lives but it is on a larger scale the story of a country fighting to throw off the shackles of a power mad dictator.

  • Power Play by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Petaybee is growing up. Day by day, the feeling planet-like any child-is learning to recognize and understand the meaning of outside stimuli, to respond to those stimuli, to communicate on its own needs and desires..even to use human speech.

Yanaba Maddock has appointed herself defender of her adopted planet, and has even succeeded in proving its sentience to nonbelievers. But despite her efforts, few outsiders truly care for emotions and intelligence of what they perceive to be a giant hunk of rock. The Yanaba is kidnapped. The price of her freedom: control of the planet itself. But the only one who can speak for Petaybee is petaybee-and no one knows what a living planet can do once it finds its voice.

It’s been a while I’ve gotten mystery and sci-fi books. I look forward to reading these during my externship. As I find my book date mystery fascinating and co-authored books richer.

On another hand, I want to go back to this stairway, sit down, chew frozen, diced pineapples and read with Amaka’s peach rose in my peripheral vision. We had an awesome sleepover after the event into Easter Sunday


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Have you read any of these books or other books by these authors? Comment below and also tell me if you enjoyed reading them. Dont forget to download your free, new bookish wallpaper above.