Flash fiction

Drama Crew

The past two months my life has become a telenovela which refuses to end.

Just when I think the season is over. Life and her production crew release a new season without informing me. I’m the unknowing heroine who has to unravel the plot.

I’m yelling, ‘cut’, ‘get out’ but everyone is moving past me. Shinning out plot twists, zooming in cameras, while Life sips pink champagne signaling ‘action!’

I take back everytime I sassed, ‘I’m a drama Queen.’ Remove me from this TV series Biko. Not by being killed off though. Can’t I just meet the writers, Life? I know you’ve ignored me because I’ve starred excellently with the cast. I just want my boring life back. Free of your drama crew.

My Upcoming Collection

Hey Gems, last week I mentioned I had an upcoming collection of riveting love notes being published soon. I introduced it as ‘U in Holiday’ sharing one piece from the collection. However, I changed the title to



…another excerpt.

Blooming love isn’t just red like a rose or bleeding stab wound…Why do we only give rose once a year for love anyway? I’d give a colony of white flowers every two days.

This is a collection of 13 flash stories and poems. It’s queer romance and erotica. These love notes narrate the delicate beauty and jarring pains of falling in love.

Once upon a time, you believed lies

and couldn’t distinguish them from half-truths

You were led on and refused to turn back

When intuition pst pst you warnings.

If you understand what I mean, you’ve come far.

If you hear your heart’s detector beep as she speaks, you know.

If you no longer wonder why one will scheme to have what you’d freely give.

Delicate one, you have relearned the many flavours of truth.