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Bookie Life Update

My Bar Finals Exams are over! I can now stop romancing Law School textbooks. It’s been an intense journey from November 2018, studying at the Nigerian Law school for a Bachelor at Law(B.L) and enrollment into the Nigerian Bar. All that’s left are results and Call.

Gosh! My boundless gratitude can submerge the Atlantic.

I’m going to rest and rejuvenate. Next week I’d begin sharing book reviews and more.

I picked up Logan Feburary’s In The Nude yesterday evening. Finally! I’m so excited to read one of my favourite poet’s first and widely commended, full length poetry collection. I mean, read the amazing mini review by PageBookStore above!

The titles of the poems, the rhythm, their pulling depth and intimate imagery…wow. I’ll share a reading update later in the weekend.

Do you have a weekend read? Tell me little about it.


Welcome to August Gem!

It’s my Bar Finals month and I plan to excel, continue drafting posts for publication after exams and taking care of myself and mental health.

I’ll share notes on life, flash stories, mini reviews and bookish wallpapers weekly on the blog, Saturdays are certain.


Write out your mantra for August! Work towards achieving it. Remember to look at it and be inspired.