Gratitude, Poems and Apples

Book- Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare

I am grateful to begin the week centred in peace. To be alive, grateful to be able to wake before dawn to pray, meditate and say positive affirmations to myself.

How To Read Poetry Collections

I am also grateful to have stellar poetry collections to read and reread. One thing no one will tell you is that you should read and reread a poetry collection. Intially I used to try to read the poems in sequence but often dumped them halfway.

I’ll advise you read a poetry collection;

  • Table of contents first to know if the poems are grouped into themed sections.
  • Skim through the titles then read poems whose titles interest you. Try to read poems from each themed section.
  • You might not finish reading a poetry collection once. And that’s okay. Go back from time to time to read poems you didn’t read.
  • Also reread those you’ve read. You’ll be surprised how you’ll interpret them differently.
  • Share your favourite poems with the world. Tell friends, post it on social media, discuss it. Get the word out about poems that got you thinking, blushing, angry or puzzled. Recommend the collection to others.


I am aware that these moments won’t always be here. As such I’m attentive, present and conscious. Its delightful spooning chocolately cereal and fresh apple slices while reading love poems. A small green apple in Yola is N100 while bigger red ones are N200. I’d have gotten them N60, N100 respectively in Lagos. Most fruits are expensive here in Adamawa except watermelon, sugarcane and oranges. An informative article I read yesterday, Want a Thriving Vagina? Here are 3 things you must know about the vagina, shared a list of fruits that alter the taste and smell of the vagina. I know about pineapples, I’ve been eating them twice weekly since February. Watermelon, Apples, lots of Water, Grapes, Yoghurt, etc also interestingly help.

I decided to consciously eat drink more water and fruits), exercise (kegel) and care (warm water rinses) for my vagina during these past months of abstinence. I can testify that I feel the difference. My natural vagina scent is pleasant and crisp without odour of sweat Although more discharge lubricates Lotus. When will you name your vagina?

Before settling down to read law for this final week of lectures I’m basking in warm sunlight eating juicy fruits. Soon, the temperature will peak from 35° to 43° and I’ll sweat buckets of gold.

Gratitude Journalling

Last week I began writing a daily gratitude list in my journal after stopping for a month. It’s been humbling reflecting on the the simple to big (good/kind) things that happen daily. I’ll encourage you to begin journaling things you are grateful for. Don’t exclude yourself, your features or actions from this list. At the end of each week or month read through your list.

From Lagos with Love, new collection by Littartbyai

Littart by Aì is a Nigerian stationery brand that creates handmade Fabric covered notebooks. They launched a new notebook collection From Lagos with Love with gratitude journals( Shamama, Uju, Àlàrí above). If you’d like to begin gratitude journaling, click the picture above to place an order. Read my review of my last purchase from their Sanaa collection here.


Just So You Know

I appreciate you reading Zaza, my other quirky creative works, bookie musings and book reviews.

Welcome to the new week Gem!

I’m excited to begin this week with you. I’ll be publishing Zaza, book reviews and a surprise post. Last week, I finished reading Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour. I enjoyed reading Emi’s thoughts, her adventures and career moves, movie production and other themes of this young adult romance novel. Now, I’m indecisive and staring at the ebooks on my DNF list and paperbacks on my TBR list. I will be occupied with my LL.B project and Law School Application. If I do read any fiction I promise to share it.

This week we are travelling off the continent with The Summer or Jordi Perez(and the best burger in Los Angeles) by Amy Spalding, Meet Cute, Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour reviews.


On Tuesday 24th September, a new entry of Zaza’s will be published. Aren’t you just excited!  Thank you all for the positive feedback on the debut entry, IF I COULD. If you missed it, read it and check out Her Unusual Snap. It’s a short fiction piece of African magical realism that encourages you to care for your plant environment.

Hey, don’t forget to stay hydrated, be self compassionate and remember you are valuable Gem through out the week. Enjoy your Sunday!

Amethyst’s 1st Anniversary


Today makes it 365 days of sharing my quirky narrative with you. I started the blog to curate and publish my African chicklit and speculative fiction flash stories. After over 100 posts, 4 series, 8 categories I’m grateful to have you read, like and comment over the past year.

Amethyst’s bookstagram account was also a year old on the 13th.

It seems like hours ago I published this first post of a book photo and review in this WHAT I AM READING above. Today 72 posts later #amethystshotx shares my improved book photography skill. i’m so happy I decided to utilize these platform for what I love. The following months are going to be superb. As I have more flash stories, series, reviews and manuscripts to publish.

Happy Anniversary to Amethyst Saw (blog, bookstagram and newsletters). To celebrate I’ll be doing a giveaway on my instagram for my readers and followers resident in Nigeria. More details will be published on my instagram account so do follow Amethyst Saw.

#instastory: Cassava Flakes of Literature

His fat thumb tapped the erase icon repeatedly. He looked at the snap and typed ‘Those who drank garri with me then will eat with me now’. Immediately he posted it messages rang in. Who had cooked such a feast? What type of chocolate wasn’t on that cake? The questions were followed by lustfully emojis. His chubby cheeks curved into a smile. As he started another video to capture his bestie popping champagne. She paused pouring the pink liquid and started screaming, when Hakeem opened the large red box filled with 24 novels from her Christmas book wish list. Garri for Breakfast, Selected Poems was the first on the right stack. The uploaded snap with views increasing. A dope bestfriend deserves cassava flakes of literature sprinkled on her birthday gifts.