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My Christmas in the North

Happy Holidays Gems!

How was your Christmas day? I hope it was bright, sweet and chilled! I got to Kaduna the afternoon of Christmas Eve after a two hours plus drive from Abuja. That evening my parents took me out for ice cream at Havilah Icecream, After Angwarimi in Kaduna North, Kaduna.


I have a new video up on SARF Uncut, my booktube channel. Reading fiction can teach many life lessons apart from sharing a wonderful story. I discuss lessons from my 2018 Reads.

ğŸŽ Make the right choices for yourself based on what you want not society’s wants. (Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella)

Click here to watch me share more life lessons outdoors on my Yola, Law School Campus in Adamawa State, Nigeria.


Remember Misty? Find out who invoked Sango’s thunder just to hide their tracking of Misty. Don’t miss the Lust Notes and Sunrise Stories I’ve published the past two weeks.


“Your eyes memorise the hours,

Stretch dry moments into succulent eternities/

You are the fragrance,

Which lends a name to varnished gardens.”

-Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare.

Apart from reading my coursework, I picked up Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare yesterday. It’s a collection of rhythmic, vivid, mushy love poems. For Boxing Day breakfast I ate spicy chicken pepper soup with boiled plantains and the title poem. I look forward to finding other poems I’d love dearly.

Happy holidays!


Glow Gem in Abuja

Hey Gem! It’s been a while I’ve done a life update post. The Nigerian Law School vacated on the 21st. It’s really great getting a break from the intense schedule. After a shoot with the big tree bicycle.

I took flight at Yola International Airport to Abuja. I finished reading Guerrilla Post by Obari Gomba on the blue sky flight. I’ll be sharing my review soon. Did you catch Steamy Storytime-Episode 3: My Vagina is not an embassy on my booktube? Watch it here! Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

I want to share mini reviews of books I enjoyed reading in 2018 but didn’t review. I think I might share them as a count down to the new year on my bookstagram. Until I share them, check out my new mini stories in my Write Pad. It’s a holiday gift to discover Cannabistro by Heych, an African horror short fiction series. Read my gush-fest review here.

So far in Abuja, I attended a morning mass at St. Martin Catholic Church, Lugbe Abuja and I loved it. It’s been ages I’ve been to church and this is my 2nd mass. I’m not a Catholic but the serenity of the service reminded me so much of Yola at dawn. There was this igbo praise song sang like classic opera..divine auditory orgasm! I’ll be hanging out with friends and catching up on 2 Pesewas episodes. Maybe also write in my manuscript..

I’m spending my Christmas in the North. Remember to breathe and glow. Happy holidays Gem!