Lagos Bookstores

My visit to Ouida House.

I had a swell time visiting my friend, Book Publicist, Amaka at Ouida Books today. I’ll share my more pictures and gist tomorrow. I’ll talk more about the poetry collection I bought during my visit.

A Gem is back in Lagos. The past 72 hours have had me overdosing on affection, compliments, peppery food, laughter, hugs, gifts and gist. Plus, the weather is just a delight.

How was your weekend?


My old closie clocked 21 in September. Thinking of what to gift this fantasy fiction, stationery, skin care loving Gem. Made me remember I hadn’t published a review of Littartbyai and JustJournal_ng and their notebooks. Growing up, exercise books were filled with secrets, aspirations, class notes and my fiction stories. Its why I’m delighted Aviva exercise books have books with African comics from Comic Republic at their back covers.

I digress. Fast forward to when I began journalling my to-do-lists, goals-book blog ideas, daily expenses etc . Getting chic hardcover notebooks became a necessary expense for my health, creativity and much more. When my Rovingheights notebook from the Christmas Poetry Set finished I was so sad. I searched out Littartbyai on Instagram since i really liked that notebook. Being a stationery lover I was confused on who I should get my new notebooks from. JustJournal_ng, a Nigerian positive self-affirmation, stationery account I follow or Littartbyai, African fabric notebook makers. I decided I can’t have two many notebooks or books. I reviewed the notebooks and the maker companies in order of how I received delivery. I placed my orders and transferred payments on the same day.


Firstly, I must commend their unique, artsy books and Instagram account. Placing my order was simple enough. After viewing, lusting and liking notebooks on their page I sent a dm. They had notebooks from their new collection, Sanaa, available for sale at a launch discount. I ordered Anike and Ewa notebooks. Customer Service was prompt, polite and engaging. My text messages were responded to. They sent dms and called until my books got delivered.

Ewa Notebook, Littartbyai

Anike Notebook, Littartbyai

Delivery was made the Tuesday after the weekend I ordered. Each A5, ruled cream colored,100 pages notebook cost N1,500. There are also A6 sized ones. The delivery fee was reasonable until the delivery app messed with it. I had to pay an exorbitant price but Ifeoluwa offered to refund the N800 excess after apologizing. I love the notebooks themselves. The packaging was really beautiful.

Each notebook had positive quotes. Its an artistic package with a hand written thank you note from Littartbyi. I highly recommend their notebooks. Asides being great for writing. These beauties make stunning book flatlay props. Littartbyai has liked pictures with their notebooks on my Instagram. Don’t forget to use the #littartbyai hashtag.

Aren’t the African print covers just so exotic!



Corny Adult-tins by AmethystShotX

I fell in love with this notebook months before I bought it. Corny Adult-tins is one of my favorite pictures. I took it two days after the notebook was delivered to my Faculty of Law at Lasu Ojo Campus in Lagos, Nigeria. The notebook came with a cute pen that writes. Both were packaged in that thick brown envelope sealed with a sticker. Just Journal has liked pictures with their notebooks and my Medium posts featuring Corny Adult-tins.

Just Journal notebooks are simple and cute. I love self improvement and their notebooks offer just that. I enjoy reading their posts on Instagram because I learn a lot about productivity and random life facts. This notebook comes in spiral spine but I wanted it bound. Its nice I could get this option. It has white, ruled 100 pages in their signature A5 sized notes. I had to wait a bit for it to be back in stock. I paid N2,500 for this notebook. Its order was placed through Instagram direct messages. I got the delivery late due to certain issues. But I received apologies. I’ll still share more pictures when I begin using this notebook. I’m saving it for Law School. The Customer Service was polite and accommodating..I changed my delivery address thrice! Plus I got a direct message inquiring about my exams progress, how thoughtful!

I don’t think many logistics companies in Nigeria know they play a vital role in business. Without their efficiency SMEs will lose customers. They need to step up big time. Anyway, I ended up giving away the Anike Notebook to the celebrant. I hope this review is helpful.



RovingHeights Bookstore Visit

I decided to visit RovingHeights Bookstore at 28, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos to collect my orders on 4th October, 2018. I knew I’d visit my project supervisor’s law office at Yaba this week. It was a bold plan for me who hasn’t left Ojo, Lagos in two months.  Early that morning, I got a call inquiring about my pick-up. I appreciate RHBooks consistency and excellent customer relations. Plus everyone sounds lovely on the phone, For a Thursday morning in Lagos the bookstore was open early. Thursday mornings markets, stores and shop aren’t opened until 10 am for cleansing exercises aka ‘environmental’. As I swung the dark glass door open. I spotted a wall inscription that made me smile.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.

It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain.

I had just ridden an okada under a light drizzle from Tejuosho to Ogunlana Drive. During the ride my heart danced at the thought of owning of new books. To be able to flip through their crisp, worded pages to inhale that scent of knowledge, my pathway to alternate realities.

I love archways. But when they reveal bookshelves, I love them more,

The bookstore had bookshelves filled with books from various genres. I really like the wooden desk. See how my flatlay looks earthy fresh! It reminded me of International School of Lagos, Unilag library desks.

Behind the desk are more bookshelves,

I also like the orange walls. My phone battery was really low so I couldn’t take more pictures. I’d purchased The Parrot In My Head by Anuoluwapo Sotunde for N1.500 and Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko for N2,500 through Instagram direct message. It was a short visit because I had to return to Yaba to wait for my Supervisor. I left hugged by my Gem who has delivered books to me at distant ends of Lagos.

Books truly fit to read,

Its a store one can pop in with a chilled cup of watermelon gelato and debit card to browse, buy and sit to read their books.

You should visit and get to know more about how your books find you,