love story


Every time I hold back from giving love my body cramps. Each breath I take hurts.

You don’t reciprocate my efforts. Monotonous ‘I love yous’.

The cramps hurt my heart, in my womb, everywhere. But its the only way I stop the resentment.

Hold back. Hurt.

Hold back.

I should say, ‘I release you’ like Carol.

But I’d rather cry about our dying love and constantly check for double blue ticks and missed calls.

Why can’t you just let me mourn in peace. Let me go. Since you refuse to leave. Let me go.

Release me. I’m hurting

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U in Holiday, my upcoming collection

An excerpt..

Now you are falling in love

and you don’t like it.

I can’t stare infinity in your eyes when we wait for the pot of rice to trnt nt ti

It feels like I’m falling out my space shuttle into a silver star without my oxygen tank.

So I breathe. Then look away from the meek love spiralling out your beautiful brown irises

I don’t like breathless falling.
Especially into black holes.

Stab love.
Stab the bastard right in the eyes.

U in Holiday is a short collection of riveting love notes and erotic stories I’ll be publishing this week.

I’m delighted to share this with you Gems. Comment below your thoughts on the excerpt above.