“You don’t believe me. I just want the best for you. I just want the best for you.

But I’m just not the best for you. You don’t want what I’m gonna put you through.”

-Maroon 5, Best 4 You in Red Pills Blues.


Zaza is out today!

The sun is out splashing gold on green leaves. Asides the sun, there are a million cars, jeeps and yellow danfos hooting, zooming then crawling in moving traffic. I’m out trying to do my Law School Application Medicals. Guess who else is out today?

Yep Gemstone, ZAZA!

Zaza is being published today and every Tuesday on the blog at 1pm! In Zaza’s first entry, IF I COULD, she is lusting, wishing and peeling away..

Zaza is memoir of love, queer existence and being a creative business owner in Nigeria. It is written and published in series by Amethyst Saw.

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Have a terrific Tuesday Gemstone!

Image source: Yellow is my Rainbow Colour album