Brunch and Law Books

This saturday morning in Abuja is for reading law school lecture notes and textbooks while savoring yum brunch seated in front of this gorgeous view. Because I largely romance myself, I plucked a white rose from the compound shrub.

I just got back home after scouting from Area 1 Shopping complex to Zone 3 Neigbourhood for a laptop charger (10:30am- 2pm). I miss the numerous options Alaba Int’l Market(Ojo, Lagos) and Computer Village(Ikeja, Lagos) give. The rigourous walks and negotiations make me grateful for the peaceful morning. I found out my charger isnt faulty. Rather a different laptop fault which no one available could fix for an affordable price. I’m sad about this.

I enjoy reading ebooks on my laptop while playing some songs I only have on it. Plus it’s difficult concentrating on writing stories on my phone because of social media notifications. I prefer using my laptop to read law school ematerials also. I have a story to work on for the Dark Lagos Collection Entry due at the end of the month.😪 Enough of my whining. I’ll shower, eat, rest and wake up to fill my log book then continue studying.

Hope your Saturday is going better than mine?

Lesson of the day: Try every available option before you invent new ones. It’ll save you resources.

Bookish Wallpaper

Good morning from me here at High Court, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja at Maitama.

Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson. I saw a new friend and blogger (Candy and Spice) reading this and decided to take this picture. We externs don’t know this sculptures are. I think they are Groundnuts metaphors. Basically, I spend my days listening to court proceedings, making notes to fill my Log Book and studying for bar finals. Sometimes I write stories and blog drafts in between.

I have some announcements to make soon concerning STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS.

Blogging from Abuja

Your Glow Gem has resumed at Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria for her Nigerian Law School Externship. Currently, I’m in a cab on my way to High Court, F.C.T. The roads are beautifully tarred, dipping and raising, looming mountains shadow the horizon. It’s truly a beautiful city! Hopefully, I’ll get to film a bit this weekend and share on my YouTube. Trees of these orange-red moringa flowers are vibrant features of Abuja terrain.

Most fascinating book cover I saw at ECWA Maitama on Sunday.


I miss my loved ones and Lagos so much. I’ve began studying for bar finals. Oh yh I joined Twitter so please please follow me!

Take a look at QuirkyGlowGem (@AdaezeFeyisayo):

My Upcoming Collection

I’m going to be publishing STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS before May 27th on Okadabooks to celebrate Amethyst Saw 2nd Blogiversary. I’m really excited! You can follow all the fun, excerpts I’m sharing and more info through the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.






I will soon share a link to sign up for the collection’s newsletter for updates. Any Book Blogger interested in hosting my collection in a blog tour should email me at Have a wonderful day Gems.

Always remember YOU are enough!

Nuggets from my First Law School Dinner

‘Exposure is never overrated. Practice, practice, practice! It isn’t shameful.’- Adaeze Feyisayo.


Before Dinner, I made sure I noted the day my dining would occur, Wednesday. On Monday I spent 4 hours at Jimeta market searching, buying and amending a suit jacket. I’d make a check-list of requirements and rules. After Property Law Practice lecture yesterday and a bit of writing. I restyled my hair from my Minnie buns and bangs to twin nape buns in the picture above.

Minnie Buns and Bangs

I also practised my cutlery use before dinner on Tuesday. I shared get-ready-with-me videos on my WhatsApp. I had a shower, polished my shoes and dressed up. My friend, roommates and I took pictures then left the hostels. After signing into the attendance register we were given seat placements. After the Body of Benchers filed in and sat, prayers said and the gravel was hit, dinner began and went on for 1hr.

Loookk at meee!!!


‘The words that follow ‘I AM’ are powerful. Today begin using uplifting, positive, kind phrases to define yourself and attract goodness to yourself.’– Former Chief Judge of Adamawa State.

Attendance of 3 dinners are prerequisites to sit for bar finals. So don’t forget to correctly sign the attendance register. It was more formal than my university law dinner.

There were two speeches given, the toast (to the Federal Republic of Nigeria) speech and a post-dinner speech by the Chairman of the occasion(usually a Life Bencher). You can eat during the latter speech but you stand for the former holding up a wine glass. I really loved the Former CJ’s heartwarming speech on benefits of positive affirmations in life.

You are to wear a black suit with a white shirt/camisole, natural hair neatly packed in a bun/puff, black flat shoes/heels, student I.D card. No handbags and phones are allowed. But people snuck in their phones.

Proper British dinner etiquette is meant to be observed throughout the three-course meal. So practice cutlery use beforehand. Yo, the hall sounded like a battlefield in Game of Thrones! I didn’t finish my main course, jollof rice, coleslaw and chicken. It wasn’t tasty, fresh or soft. I really enjoyed the peppersoup and pineapple.

You will feel anxious but don’t forget to breathe in and out, name 3 parts of your body or object you see or count from 50-1 backwards. I sat directly in front of my campus deputy director general and the gravel. A babe at my table suffered an anxiety attack and she was able to breathe in-out consciously for 5mins then eat her meal. I was happy she could eat and relax.

I look forward to the other two dinners!