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Today I remembered the experience of reading this magnificent book last month and meeting Ayodele Olofintuade at ALitFest19. Indescribable experiences! I’ll keep adding notes to my draft. Expect my Lakiriboto Chronicles review after my exams upper week.
PS: the autograph is an inside joke I might share insight to in my review.


Saturdays are for blog hopping! Blog Hopping involves me visiting blogs, reading and shoutout their content!

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Find out Tajmao’s 6 Ways of Choosing Books to Travel With! Which I endorse because I’ve used four tips. My favourite tip is to pick one pocket sized book to pull out a handbag/backpack to read any spare time.

I enjoyed Beauty and Books upbeat review of ‘The Extra by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson‘ that got me reminiscing about My Mum’s Breakup Poison Float.

The Posion Float is a mix of rich chocolate icecream and spread, and Baileys. My mum would mix it up for me to eat after a break up. I get to eat each spoon and say what lesson/experience I’m grateful for, my negative contributions in the relationships and cry about the hurtful things then sleep. It was always therapuetic. It turns out Gabby Mays, the heroine believes her Breakup Icecream Tub fixes everything.

Enjoy the rest of today Gem!

Read Stab Love with Flower Stalks Review and my Guest Post in On The Bridleway.

On the Bridleway succinctly describes the experience my debut collection of riveting love notes offers.

Amethyst Saw paints what love is, what love should be with her collection of poems and short stories. These are beautiful musical notes to lovers calling them to wholeheartedly accept themselves, irrespective of their diverse sexuality and all that makes each one an individual. The lyrical words fill the soul and heart.

Find a Guest Post where I share my thoughts and hopes on

Read in full here

Buy Book on Okadabooks web store.

Stab Love with Flower Stalks is now available on the Okadabooks web store for N800. Simply credit your account, search the book, click Buy then Download to begin reading.

Buy book here.

Spotlight Read: Femme in Question

Femme In Question by Chebet Fatab

This is a vivid, fragrant voyage of planets and stars of hair and scarves in one galaxy of a room. I found this piece delightful.

It is a sci-fi twist to an African hair story which answers many questions. We are shown in this story that the wearer of this galaxy which we journey through cares for her hair but falters. It also answers, what does her hair look like underneath her scarf or hijab.

At the foot of her bed, there’s a red and green headscarf that reeks of beeswax and shea butter. Its tied in a careful knot, hot against white sheets. Beeswax, shea butter and sweat. The scents stay trapped in the tight satin threading like General Zod stuck in the shard Phantom Zone. They stay trapped until they can earn the deaths for their door to the outside world. But if you hold the material to your nose and inhale, you can smell galaxies of baby hair and planets of heavy strands twisted by fingers and stars fizzling from scalp massages. And if you breathe in again you can smell headaches and aching palms from empty planets where there aren’t any hands at all

Read it here published by AsEqual Africa.

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Visit Chebet Fataba blog or connect on Twitter: @fatabak

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I compiled your heartwarming, thoughtful responses on a new page published 2nd June on the blog. Read the new Readers Reviews page here.

Many new readers and bloggers over the past 2 months have visited Amethyst Saw. Thank you. My writing has improved and evolved. I’m grateful for this growth. For the blog to reflect this, I updated my About page. If you like to know what this literary blog is about or about me, click here.

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