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On the Bridleway succinctly describes the experience my debut collection of riveting love notes offers.

Amethyst Saw paints what love is, what love should be with her collection of poems and short stories. These are beautiful musical notes to lovers calling them to wholeheartedly accept themselves, irrespective of their diverse sexuality and all that makes each one an individual. The lyrical words fill the soul and heart.

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Praise for #SLWFS

“Amethyst Saw paints such sensual pictures with her lush, Sapphic words—at times tender, at times tense, but always thrilling—as she documents a queer and complex experience of Eros.”

— Logan February, author of In The Nude

“The weavings of the words, the quotes, the expressions and vivid descriptions had my mind running wild”.

-Amaka Ehiem, blogger, TheLifeofAmaka

Book Blog Tour

Read these reviews by TheLifeof Amaka and The Drunken Writer from the blog tour.

Book Blurb
Journey through time with a Flower Goddess as she grapples with love. Be enamoured with the fluidness of her relationship with love as its vividly painted with fiery passion. Stab Love with Flower Stalks is a collection of 13 flash stories and poem, which are mostly queer romance and erotica, narrating the delicate beauty and jarring pains of falling in love.

For following me from the final draft announcement, through the book tour and now to publication, thank you Gem. I hope you enjoy my debut book.

Buying Mum A Birthday Book Gift

The love of books has taken me on journey my Mum paid for many years ago. Without her asking me, ‘can you read better?’ Just before she stood up from her white work table to dismiss my interruption with a dusty literary gift. She thrust a Nancy Drew serial in my small palms from the looming, dark brown, wooden bookshelf in her room. Without her offering that wooden, Spectrum Publishers book box to me to pick first before she does. I won’t have fallen in love with African literature, romance, erotica and crime detective novels.


Three years ago I began gifting her a book on her birthday. Although my siblings and I get her other birthday gifts. Initially, I had no idea what book to gift my Mum on the 18th.  This year’s gift is The Parrot In My Head by Anuoluwapo Sotunde.

• Did You Know? The world record holding parrot knew and spoke 1,700 words!

My top five types of book gifts for Mum’s birthday are:

1.  A book from a genre she doesn’t commonly read. You want to be the one to introduce her to Afrofuturism adventures, vibrant Young Adult Fiction, inspiring Christian Romance or even honest, health themed, African Literature. I can remember how my excited my mum was reading an African magical realism and Fantasy novel.

2. Buy her a witty poetry or intriguing short story collection. If she loves poetry. A collection would be a delight. If she doesn’t read so much, a short story collection will be a suitable gift. It isn’t as lengthy as a novel. This will be the first time I’d give my Mum poetry collection. Fingers crossed.

• Did You Know? Parrots feathers have antibacterial properties.

3. Get her on Okadabooks! If she is always on the go and online. Download the reading app on her device. Set up a reader profile and curate a reading list. Pay for the books or buy reading airtime(affordable in naira) on the Okadabooks app. With over 10,000 books published on Okadabooks, Mum can hop on the ride to her next favourite ebook. She doesn’t have to be internet savy to open the app, load airtime, pay for a book she’s interested in and read.  

4.  Gift her a business, career or self-help book for her self development. This option is more suitable if she is a fan of creative non-fiction.

• Did You Know? Many parrots have near-human lifespan.

5.  Buy Mum an old edition of one of her favourite books or a classic she loved reading. It’s a nostalgic gift she will appreciate. If you can’t find any, look for theatre adaptations of these classics. Get tickets, slay and enjoy the show with her.


Forget to add a thoughtful note and not just a birthday wish. You can write about a childhood memory, one of her life quotes, what you hope the book teaches her or simply how your love for her is more than your love for YA Romance. If you ordered the book from an online bookstore. Send them a draft of your note to add to the delivery package. Make sure the book is neatly wrapped and she gets its delivery. These tips will also be helpful in a choosing a mother’s day gift.

Happy birthday to a Gem Maker!