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Its 9 days to the Anticipated Release of my debut book STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS.I’m sharing the story behind its book cover with you Gem.

During my routine Saturday blog hopping, Bookstagramer Uwadisreads interview of Thy Bui, a book cover designer inspired me to share the story behind about my STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS book cover.

STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS book cover is designed by Logan February (Author, In The Nude). It’s the 3rd and final book cover design. The 1st one was an🤭 amateur one by me. 2nd a promotional cover design by Lara @naijabookbae. I found a second image which was “cuter, with more white spaces”. Logan agreed with me, saying “a lot more can be done with text, while it still looks elegant”.

This final cover is elegant and beautiful. 🧡

As a reader I enjoy finding where the book title stems from in the book. I also love deciphering how a book plot and themes are captured in its cover. Usually when you buy a book. The cover, title and blurb are the only firsthand link to its story. So I was particular about the cover reflecting the layers of themes and experiences of characters.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me compliments about the #SLWFS book cover and those who’ve resurrected their Okadabooks app. Good News: You can buy and read the book on the Okadabooks website from 18th of June 2019 Gems!

PS: Most readers prefer using the app. But one reader in the poll said she reads on the website with her laptop.


12 days to the release of STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS by Amethyst Saw!

How gorgeous is this Instagram story poster by Naija Book Bae, my Tour Host?

See this book tour stop and the wonderful review Ouida Books Bookstore Manager and Serial Entrepreneur, Amaka Amaku gave here..



Say heyy to the book cover of STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS!!!

‘A queer and complex experience of Eros’ -Logan February

It hasn’t been easy keeping this away from everyone but Lara is the boss. The night I got the book cover from Logan February, Author (In The Nude, Painted blue with Saltwater) and CoEditor my heart cried.


Our book blitz and blog tour hosted by Naija Book Bae has kicked off with Nigerian Bookstagrammer Codedreader detailed Instagram post and Fashion, Books and Lifestyle Blogger, Thelifeofamaka informative Twitter thread.

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Stab Love With Flower Stalks is my debut collection of 13 flash stories and poems which narrate the delicate beauty and jarring pains of love.

Publication Date: 18th June 2019 on Okadabooks

Genres: Erotica, LGBT+, Adult Fiction

Tagged: POC Representation (Black people), Mental Health (Anxiety), Sapphic, Bisexuality, Pain and Heartbreak, Alcohol Addiction.

The Origin of Butterflies

The Origin of Butterflies by Romeo Oriogun

‘The first rule of survival is to run’

‘Give a man words &he will build a castle/ full of darkness & light.’

‘You want to fill your bones with wine/till a boy swims into your hands.’

I’ve read this chapbook twice. Then my favorite poems some more. It is brutally truthful, graphic and lyrical work.

‘I want to love a boy/who tastes of fear & still smiles’

My Favourite Poems

Pink Club

The Origin of Butterflies


To The Boy Who Flew Away


Coming Out

‘I know how a body enters itself/ to hide desire behind sadness’.

Feeling exiled at home. Singing songs of truths in the dark. Violence against Nigerian gay men. Flight of Freedom. Resilience. Fear. Self acceptance. Longing. Search for love and home. Survival. Are themes of this poetry chapbook and they will make you feel, see, smell, fear, anger, soar and hope.

‘You can never/break songs/of sunrise/into dark spirits’

Repetition of themes made me uneasy after some poems. But I feel that is the desired effect. A flight through what queer males in Nigeria feel and experience. These poems call out homophobic attacks and Nigeria. Then disagree with horrific mob burning, family beatings, discrimination, criminalization, fear and more.

‘You know sanctuary is where your hips/grow feathers & fly’

I feel The Origin of Butterflies charts the map of how one takes flight to live and love in freedom not found in ones homeland while guiding one on how to beautifully survive.

I highly recommend this bold chapbook with 4 stars. You can purchase it from Ouida House.

More info..

Romeo Oriogun is the author of numerous poems published in Brittle Paper, EXPOUND, Afridiaspora among others. Departure, Kumbaya and Saddest Night Alive in this chapbook were first published in Brittle Paper. I wrote a review of Departure in 2018 here. He’s also the author of Burnt Men, an electronic chapbook published by Praxis Magazine Online and the 2018 winner of Brunel International African Poetry Prize.

The Origin of Butterflies is published by Akashic Books, Brooklyn New York, USA in 2018.