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ALitFest 2019

I attended ALitFest 2019 hosted by the Abuja Literary Society from 11th-13th of July 2019 at Exhibition Pavilion, Area 10, Garki.

The festival had creative guests, writers, bookstores, literary enthusiasts, vendors enjoy Panel discussions, Book Reading, Wedlock of the Gods stage adaptation, Arts auction, Poetry slam and Music performance.

My friends, Amaka, Logan, Tolu were guests of the festival. I was esctactic hugging and laughing with them and also watching them on panels.

“The 21st Century Nigerian man is learning everyday how to be human.”-Tolu Daniel

Panelist, The 21st Century Nigerian man #ALitFest19

Poetry Slam

I attended a little part of the interesting Poetry Slam, the evening of 12th July. From social commentary poems to a scintillating erotic poem about Banga soup to poems about betrayal to love poems. Two volunteers from Lipfest18 were in the poetry slam with lyrical poems. I shared videos in my I.G story highlights.

Panel Discussions

Saturday 13th, I attended 4 panel discussions, 2 in full and 2 in part. I unlearned, released and learnt.

“We have a wrong perception of a sexual perpetrator, it isn’t a man but a human. A victim is human.” -Dorothy

Panelist, #NigeriaToo- Sexual Harrassment in Nigeria’s public & private spaces

The 21st Century Nigerian man is a man who is constantly at war with himself and at war with the society. Self actualization is important for this man but in the context of family -Michael

Writer and Comment made from audience.

Art Auction

I also networked, walked through the Art Auction and discussed with two artists.

Bookstores and Book shopping

Logan February was kind to autograph my copy of his full length poetry collection.

Books at the RovingHeights Bookstore stand.

The Booksellers Limited stand

I shopped these two books for my dear reader and divalicious friend who values my recommendations. She wanted more African Queer Fiction after reading Stab Love with Flower Stalks. I got autographed copies of ‘In The Nude’ by Logan February and ‘Lákíríboto Chronicles’ by Ayodele Olofintuade. I worked within her budget also!

New Friends!

It was a delight getting introduced to Ope Adedeji, creative non-fiction writer and TJ Benson, writer and author. I met Fatima and her sister. Also Onyinye who were great conversationalists and fellow literary enthusiasts.

If you can attend any literary festival, please do!

Reading Update: Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

Reading Update + Excerpts + Get a free copy!

This poetry collection is divided into three parts; Part I-Anxiety, Part II- Shatter, Part III- Rehab.

I’m currently reading poems under Anxiety. Did I say wow when I introduced this poetry collection here? Wow!

The imagery is animated and alive!

like silk turbans possessed/

by a sandstorm


The tone of the poems here are anxious, reflective, often fast paced.

You hold me like an anchor,
like suicide ropes hold their beloved
without fear for the soul sleeping silently within.
And this soul rests like rosewater

• • •

Your words strike me like a knife in my chest
dragged up to my throat,
stuck underneath my chin,
but yet all I bleed is indecision


This excerpt from What Doesn’t Kill You, made me respectfully pause and click my fingers;

Sometimes what doesn’t kill you
let’s you live
to watch a part of you die.

There are some poems I will reread another day to decipher. But so far I’m enjoying how some unexpected or mundane experiences are painted.

And the neighbour’s child said
she sprinkled sugar on her bed sheets
because she wanted to have sweet dreams.


Get a Free Copy of Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi!

Spotlight Read: Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

Book Blurb

Anxiety and Things that Shatter is a collection of poetry about an endless journey through anxiety, pain and the process of healing. The poems featured in this collection are a mix of traditional and spoken word poetry, all selected carefully from 2017 – 2019.


“My anxiety is a high fever without a host–
it floats above my head
like a halo drenched in gasoline,
waiting for my tongue to strike the matchstick
and set fire to the steps and walls
of my mind.”

Anxiety and Things that Shatter by Samuel Adeyemi

Vivid, raw and captivating poetry is always a delight.

I’m intrigued with narratives that explore living with anxiety and other mental health disorders as a creative. I explored anxiety alongside sexuality in my debut book, Stab love with Flower Stalks.

A friend shared excerpts from this book and I wanted it so bad. I’m happy to have a copy but I can’t read it yet. I’ve add it to my After-Bar-Finals-Reading-List.

More info..

Words: 9,200.

Language: English.

Published: July 25, 2019, Ebook on Smashwords

Genre/Category: Poetry, Contemporary Poetry

Download it free here and leave a review!


Welcome to July Gems. Find out what I’ve been up to!

I’ve spent my time off the blog wrapping up my Externship in Abuja, struggling with lack of motivation and stress. Going to the law chambers 8am-6pm for 6 weeks was exhausting!

I apologise for not welcoming you to July and the second half of the year.

That is the last box on my way out of Abuja.

I’m writing this at the Boarding gate of Domestic Terminal at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja waiting for my flight to Yola. I resume 3rd term of Nigerian Law School tomorrow and write my Bar Final next month. I will post at least once a week, either a story or poem, opinion piece, mini review or just pictures. I need to focus on my examinations preparations.

How did I function with lack of motivation? I did at least 2 tasks I needed to do, cared for my body, self affirmed positivity daily, listened to loved ones which in a way made me feel good also. I also kept a reward in mind; aceing my portfolio assessment, getting called to the Nigerian Bar and attending ALitFest with my creative friends flying into Abuja my last weekend.