Guerrilla Post


‘My grandmother always prayed let a storm not visit a hut, else broomsticks will fly in the wind and blind the sun itself.’

I finished reading this drama during my flight to Abuja from Yola for the Nigerian Law School 1st term Christmas Break last month. It was a humorous but thought-provoking play.

***Description/ Spoiler Alert

It follows the story of three friends who are poets and run a poetry blog, Guerrilla Post. Kafka, Best and Pake decide to host a poetry reading for Kafka’s newly released erotic poems collection. The reading goes askew when two men in the audience disrupt it. Kafka is arrested later that night and charged with treason my Supon Maden. While his fiance and friends enlist the help of Prof Mante and Rosa to speak with Supon Maden. The story unfolds to show there is more to the false arrest. It would seem Supon Maden believes the erotic poem’s manuscript was evidence of an affair with his wife Rosa. Everything quickly escalates as the blog is hacked to plant treasonable posts, guns are acquired and the drama ends bloody.

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The consistent plot twists and reveals were exciting. Bold characters who critiqued the Nigerian political reality and were persecuted for it. I really like Prof Mante, Best, Kafka the main character. The book had strong female characters who were intelligent, walked away from domestic violence, worked and actively influenced the plot( both positively and unknowingly negatively). Pake was one of my favourite characters.

The bits of poetry were enjoyable. Each Scene began with a quote from one of the characters words. I didn’t like that rape was a feature which added no plot value nor admonished the perpetrators in the drama. This makes me remember (not in her exact words) what Lara Kareem said about Nigerian male writers and how they add rape to their books for the sensational power play and not for social justice even helpful lessons.

The themes of sex and power, police brutality, creative writing, political persecution, institutionalised corruption, domestic abuse, sexual violence, drug abuse, the effect of war on terrorism, cybersafety, problems creatives and writers face–made it a bold, honest, thought-provoking read. I didn’t like the abrupt end. It felt like an action film’s last scene without the ambulance door victory chat. But I feel this was also a metaphor for how the villain and hero’s crossed paths end. I’ll give it 3.5 fireworks and highly recommend it.

I talk about it in my Bookie Life Update video on my booktube channel.

More info..

Obari Gomba(PhD) is an award-winning poet and writer. This play is 98 pages and has been premiered at The Crab, an iconic theatre of the University of Port-Harcourt on 13th December 2017. Its published in Nigeria 2018 by Narrative Landscape Press.


My Christmas in the North

Happy Holidays Gems!

How was your Christmas day? I hope it was bright, sweet and chilled! I got to Kaduna the afternoon of Christmas Eve after a two hours plus drive from Abuja. That evening my parents took me out for ice cream at Havilah Icecream, After Angwarimi in Kaduna North, Kaduna.


I have a new video up on SARF Uncut, my booktube channel. Reading fiction can teach many life lessons apart from sharing a wonderful story. I discuss lessons from my 2018 Reads.

🎁 Make the right choices for yourself based on what you want not society’s wants. (Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella)

Click here to watch me share more life lessons outdoors on my Yola, Law School Campus in Adamawa State, Nigeria.


Remember Misty? Find out who invoked Sango’s thunder just to hide their tracking of Misty. Don’t miss the Lust Notes and Sunrise Stories I’ve published the past two weeks.


“Your eyes memorise the hours,

Stretch dry moments into succulent eternities/

You are the fragrance,

Which lends a name to varnished gardens.”

-Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare.

Apart from reading my coursework, I picked up Tender Moments by Niyi Osundare yesterday. It’s a collection of rhythmic, vivid, mushy love poems. For Boxing Day breakfast I ate spicy chicken pepper soup with boiled plantains and the title poem. I look forward to finding other poems I’d love dearly.

Happy holidays!

Lessons from my 2018 Reads

Reading fiction can teach many life lessons apart from sharing a wonderful story.

Lessons I learnt from my 2018 reads are;
🎁Not to be greedy (A Thousand Beginnings and Endings),

🎁 If you want a job or gig be intentional. Get skills, review your CV,follow up, ask questions, negotiate for favourable terms. If you meet the love of your life at the job, don’t jeopardise your career for D or vajyajay, okay(The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding),

🎁 Soar above shackling reality (Painted Blue with Saltwater by Logan February),

🎁 Fight for your existence, Do NOT Be ERASED!(Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi),

🎁 Be open to having meaningful connections with strangers (Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour),

🎁 Communicate your misgivings with friends or loved ones but be patient.

🎁 Be bold to write untold stories. (#16daysofactivism Poems by Ella Chikezie)

Compliments of Season. Merry Christmas Eve Gem!