On Self Discovery


Spectacular Women Said..

I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes spectacular women said this week below. The first quote is mine from my reflection on some experience this week. I scribbled down their words in my journal. Some of their words should be on t-shirts, car stickers, face caps, tote bags, victory cakes, post captions, etc.

“I wasn’t raised to be a nice girl but to be an impactful human being. You are not entitled to me or my politeness. “-Adaeze Samuel.


“You like a woman, good for you. You don’t, shut the fuck up and move the hell on with your life.”- Precious Okedele.


“Don’t be his peace sis”-Amaka Amaku.


“I’m not for male consumption.”-Janelle Monáe.


“Let’s teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into the glass slippers. And more about shattering glass ceilings!”-Pastor Jennifer Joseph.


“Teach men about consent. Teach men not to feel entitled to a woman’s body”-Munkeng Shambo.


“Teach boys about sex not just reproduction. About the joy of mutual pleasure and enthusiastic consent..Anything less than a woman being enthusiast about something sexual that is about to happen is a sign that he must stop and talk to her.”-Jameela Jamil.