reading update

Bookie Life Update

My Bar Finals Exams are over! I can now stop romancing Law School textbooks. It’s been an intense journey from November 2018, studying at the Nigerian Law school for a Bachelor at Law(B.L) and enrollment into the Nigerian Bar. All that’s left are results and Call.

Gosh! My boundless gratitude can submerge the Atlantic.

I’m going to rest and rejuvenate. Next week I’d begin sharing book reviews and more.

I picked up Logan Feburary’s In The Nude yesterday evening. Finally! I’m so excited to read one of my favourite poet’s first and widely commended, full length poetry collection. I mean, read the amazing mini review by PageBookStore above!

The titles of the poems, the rhythm, their pulling depth and intimate imagery…wow. I’ll share a reading update later in the weekend.

Do you have a weekend read? Tell me little about it.


Today after our case at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Area 11, Abuja. I decided to treat myself to solitary lunch. Long time no self date! I’ve been craving and daydreaming about the Cheese Chicken Shawarma from Barkono Grill.


I’m happy that I’m wrapping up my 2nd general revision for Bar Finals. I still have about 2 topics to touch in 3 courses. Yay to reading progress! The best advice I got from a friend was to draft a study timetable and to regularly practice past questions. I’ve tried to follow both. The great part of it is that at work, we Externs answer multiple choice questions before we go home daily.


I got foodgasms from Barkono cheese chicken shawarma for lunch while being serenaded. My heart, ears and tastebuds were delighted. Whitney Houston- I Look to You, Lay My Love on You-West Life, You’ll Be in my Heart-Elton John, Shayne Ward-Breathless played, I and other customers sang along. I remember going there the first time and falling in love with all the wonderful songs they played.

Barkono Grill is such a cosy space (to read or go on a self date). You can work with your laptop there. Their playlist is filled with songs that will give you auditory orgasms. The food is affordable and delicious. Plus their order hotline and attentive staff. *muah I called the number on their website to order my shawarma and got directions. When I got there I waited less than 10mins and my fries took lesser time. I had to leave back to work and they packed my meal in a takeaway pack.

My ideal Friday night is spent in bed with a book after my pamper skincare routine. Right now, I’m eating my leftovers and studying Criminal Litigation. I’m about to do my night skincare routine

Have fun this weekend Gems.

Brunch and Law Books

This saturday morning in Abuja is for reading law school lecture notes and textbooks while savoring yum brunch seated in front of this gorgeous view. Because I largely romance myself, I plucked a white rose from the compound shrub.

I just got back home after scouting from Area 1 Shopping complex to Zone 3 Neigbourhood for a laptop charger (10:30am- 2pm). I miss the numerous options Alaba Int’l Market(Ojo, Lagos) and Computer Village(Ikeja, Lagos) give. The rigourous walks and negotiations make me grateful for the peaceful morning. I found out my charger isnt faulty. Rather a different laptop fault which no one available could fix for an affordable price. I’m sad about this.

I enjoy reading ebooks on my laptop while playing some songs I only have on it. Plus it’s difficult concentrating on writing stories on my phone because of social media notifications. I prefer using my laptop to read law school ematerials also. I have a story to work on for the Dark Lagos Collection Entry due at the end of the month.😪 Enough of my whining. I’ll shower, eat, rest and wake up to fill my log book then continue studying.

Hope your Saturday is going better than mine?

Lesson of the day: Try every available option before you invent new ones. It’ll save you resources.

Cinnamon and Change

Reading Update

SLAY IN YOUR LANE by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené

I skimmed through this book yesterday. Although, I couldn’t connect with certain experiences. I understood some because Nigerian women battle with colorism in make up products and society at large. But I think the lesson I took away is that if you really really want change.


We all, not just you and I have to get into every aspect to effect the changes we want. Not just trending social media change but change of structures from the top down.

Like I said during my Abuja Police Rape outrage on my birthday eve.

Nigerian Police at Abuja illegally arrested young women who went clubbing and used pure water satchets as condom substitutes to rape them.

I had a full blown social media outrage, calling it a rant would be an understatement. I urged people and now you to rethink damaging beliefs about women’s sexual freedom and body autonomy. No one deserves that even if they are “prostututes”.


It’s about being able to get inhibitive, sexist laws against women out of our legislation replacing it with those which provide and protect women’s rights and interests. I use the anger at the daily violations of Nigerian women and my own nasty experiences as a drive in Law School. Because I’m passionate about women’s pleasurable sex lives and reproductive rights. I write erotica and opinion pieces to encourage sex positivity, confidence and respect. Change may be being part of the production team, policy makers, executors and even ground level monitors of ‘effected change’.


Cinnamon is officially one of my favourite things. Apart from its tantalizing candy cane aroma, it’s an antioxidant that removes oxidative stress (from unhealthy ingest that weaken our bodies) and an aphrodisiac. I mix ground cinnamon with my morning green or ginger tea. That mug tasted like a spicy Christmas morning.

My Pink Friday💕 begins sweet smelling!